Welcome to those of you wanting to go in a new direction!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my first blog. This blog will over time showcase a journey that l have been on where l have been searching for wellness and l hope that l can be a support to those of you out there who are on this journey also. Over time l will add recipes, book titles, links and other interesting information to my site, but this is a holistic based blog and therefore those of you out there who are looking for something a bit different might find some of my posts of value. I am also shortly commencing my training to become a holistic food and wellness coach and in the future will be in a position to formally share this information in person both in private consultations and in my teaching.

Over the past six months l have been on a huge wellness journey and before that l was just really struggling with the mainstream medical system and searching for something that l have now found that has led me on this incredible journey. I won’t go into the finer details on my first post but in summary l had my gallbladder out last year and it just messed up my whole digestive system. I saw a bunch of medical people over a six month period and they could offer me further medical interventions, pharmaceuticals but not wellness. I really believe that if l continued to place my health in their hands that l would have become sicker and sicker. A random conversation with a parent from my sons class changed my life when they suggested l see a wonderful holistic General Practitioner that they were taking their son too. I went to see this Dr and experienced a type of health care that l never new existed. A Dr who actually wanted to get me well rather than treat symptoms. She talked to me about nutrition, breathing, stress, spirituality, empowerment, supplements and resources that l could utilise in my journey.  

My life really took a turn for the better when l embraced a more holistic approach to my life which is primarily focussed on good nutrition, supplements and just trying to have more of a balanced life. I have been completely dedicated to this new way of living for six months now and have had amazing results. I have the complete support of my wonderful holistic General Practitioner who when l last saw her called me a ‘star’ because she says that many of the patients she sees just give up after a while and say it is all too hard. Over time l will share alot of what l have learnt but basically six months ago l went back to scratch with my diet and cut out wheat, processed sugar, dairy and almost everything processed. It was difficult at first, especially since l have to cook for three children and a husband who don’t have my digestion problems but l have been very determined. I then progressed to the low FODMAP diet and saw a dietician to help with this and utilised the Monash University IPAD app. This diet was fantastic in giving my digestive system a break and allowing it to heal. Since then l have learnt alot about nutrition and that it is important to listen to your body. I then stopped eating most foods with gluten in them as although l do not have a gluten allergy, l learnt that most people are actually gluten intolerant. I found it difficult to cut out all bread and cereals though and continued with spelt, khamut, khorason, corn, buckwheat, quinoa, rice and some pastas. A holistic dietician l have seen recently suggested that l should actually stop eating all grains and that is the journey l am on now. I am continuing to eat quinoa and buckwheat flour and am really heading into the paleo diet and lifestyle which focuses on eating good quality meats, nuts, vegetables, fruits, good quality fats and water. I have also always exercised alot as well as many of you will know who have visited my house and seen the many pieces of gym equipment l have. The paleo lifestyle doesnt promote endless hours doing cardio or gym work, but has more of an emphasis on short high quality exercising, so instead of having a prime location in my home my gym equipment is now scattered all over the house to make room for my new office where l will study and in the future see clients.

I am learning alot about why so many people are unwell, overweight, stressed out, tired and basically overwhelmed by the modern lifestyle. I feel like a whole new world is opening up and the new knowledge l have is very empowering and l hope that l can share it with you and that it will help you on a similar journey. I will probably have a topic for my weekly blogs and cover things such as cleaning out the pantry, growing a vegetable garden, cooking weekly meals on a Sunday, great websites, my role models, cooking tips, where to buy ingredients as examples. If you want to know more about me just click on the picture of the vegetable patch!! Until next time. Bye. Carolyn



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  1. Melissa Antonsen · · Reply

    I really admire what you are doing to get yourself well Carolyn and have a better life.


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