When l first think of what wellness means l automatically have thoughts of health in mind. “Do you feel well?” is a common question that people get asked and the common response usually includes a health related topic. “I’m good, but l have a cold” or “Well, l have a bit of a sore throat but l’ll get over it”. We also have greetings such as “How are you”? or “How are things”? We don’t often go into the other areas of our life that contribute to our wellbeing such as our relationships, financial status, body issues, spirituality, caring for children or ageing parents to name a few. Hopefully, we have a close friend or family member that we can confide in, but often we are afraid of the judgement that may or may not come if we really talk about our feelings or things that are going on in our life. Maybe it is that we just go about our daily life and we dont really think about things too deeply but we have a sense that there could or should be more to life than there is. Often there is some kind of life crisis or reality check that gives people the motivation to seek out and explore the areas of their life that they feel a dissatisfaction with. I have been reading a great book by Travis & Ryan, titled ‘Wellness Workbook-How to achieve enduring health and vitality’. It is actually a book that you can use as a tool to explore on your own, but l will definately be using it with clients as it has some wondrful tools in it to aid self reflection. For me the idea that you can have health issues or even be dying and still have a sense of wellness is challenging as l really aspire to achieving physical wellness. Since becoming unwell last year l have reassessed my whole life balance and life choices and have challenged alot of my own thinking especially in the area of my diet and also in how l view the traditional medical system. I have begun exploring spirituality rather than religion, have enjoyed my children more although stopping myself from doing things around the house and actually spending quality time with them is still a challenge for me. I am developing leisure activities that promote a sense of mindfulness such as gardening and am trying to focus on today and how wonderful it is, rather than what happened yesterday or way back in the past, or alternatively trying to take one day at a time and not looking too far into the future. It is hard to change a life time of habits or thinking and if you want to make real change in your life it is going to take conscious effort and planning. One proactive thing you can do is to have lots of resources to support yourself. That could be great books, websites or people and don’t forget that we have our own inner strength which is something we often underestimate. I am spending alot of time researching the topics that interest me and it is really a process of self discovery and being open to a new way of living! Until next time. Bye Carolyn


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