The holistic approach-It is all about balance!

In the previous post l wrote about the reasons why l believe a holistic approach to life is the way to go, but l really focussed on the health component of wellness which is only one aspect to consider. If you go down the traditional approach to dealing with lifes problems you are often treating the symptom only. You apply some kind of treatment to the problem and it goes away for a while, but when life gets out of balance again the problem returns, and often it is worse or more complex. This could be a health issue, relationship concern, trouble at work, life crisis or money trouble as examples. It can be challenging to deal with reality and we are all so busy doing day to day things that it can be a bit overwhelming to stop and think of a way to actually deal with the problem in a constructive way. It would usually involve some kind of change in your life and we all get into patterns of doing things and these provide us with comfort and regularity in our life. When we look at a life issue in a holistic way we consider that a problem or concern in one area of our life impacts on other areas of our life. Why do we keep getting those migraines? as an example. I don’t personally get migraines but l know they are very debilitating. People are struck down for days taking pain pills, nausea medication and lying in a dark room. A holistic approach to wellness would help this person examine their lifesyle, relationships, food they are eating, stresses and worries, goals in life and of course general health issues. Using the migraine as an analogy, some people live with this level of discomfort in their daily lives, not knowing where to turn for help but continuing to treat the symptoms and not realising that it could be possible to remove this pain from their life or make it more manageable. The first step to inviting change into your life is believing that you have the resources within yourself to make these decisions. Some people wil make a big change as a statement, but other people will look ahead at a long term goal and start to make small changes in their life. It is important to have supportive people around you and if you start looking l think you will be surprised at how many supportive people there are who can help you on your journey.


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