Creating a vegetable garden!

For those of you out there wanting to start a vegetable garden the first step is to assess the space you have. Are you going to go all out and build the garden as a feature or will it be in small pots around your garden? Some people just plant the vegetables in amongst their existing plants. Any of these ways is a step in the right direction. In my own case l decided l wanted the garden to be a place l could walk into and work in, kind of like a retreat. I wanted it to be visually appealing and productively producing vegetables for my family. Part of the process of creating the garden is in the planning and this is the important first step. Work out your budget, roughly plan what you would like to plant and where, visit some nurseries to check out the vegetables you might like to buy and source containers if you need them. I chose to use raised garden beds which l love as the soil in my garden was very poor. You need top quality soil to get really good veges. My daughter and l dug up the front lawn which was a massive task and getting rid of the excess dirt and levelling the area was also challenging. Doing this part ourselves saved alot of money which l put towards the raised garden beds, soil and plants. I used the no dig system to fill the raised gardens beds and this has proven to be very good. It is basically layers of newspaper, compost, blood and bone, soil and straw repeated until the tub is almost full. You need to leave it for a few weeks so it all mixes together and the straw starts to decompose. I spent alot of money on very good soil and compost and it would have been alot cheaper to have bought these in bulk and have them delivered, but l chose to buy bags as it was alot cleaner and l couldnt just tip a wheelbarrow load into a raised garden bed because of the height. I have four raised garden beds and bought the supplies over time to spread out the expense. The main thing is to get started on the project and not be discouraged that it is too much work or too expensive. It took about three months from the time the idea came into my head until l planted the first veges. I used seedlings because l was impatient and wanted to see quick results but growing from seeds is alot cheaper if you have the patience. The most success l have had with the vegetables is growing green leafy ones like spinach, lettuce, bok choy and now kale. Be careful where you buy the seedlings as l bought some from the market and they had caterpillars on them and this was a big headache to manage. Once the vege garden gets established it isnt alot of work and it is a pleasure to go and pick a piece of lettuce for a sandwich or some spinach for an omelette.


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