Addictions and wellness


The Dictionary defines an addiction as ‘something that you can’t stop doing or taking’. For me the word compulsion comes to mind. The feeling or need that you have to do a certain thing, take a substance, eat a food or act in a particular way. This could include gambling, drinking, eating, shopping, cleaning, exercising etc. The list is never ending really but we do associate the word addict with certain things because it is in the media or it seems to be so common. The point of this discussion is that addiction and well being do not go together. Well being is all about having balance in your life and addiction is really the opposite. If you feel compelled to do something on a daily basis or several times a day, and unless you do that activity life just doesn’t seem worthwhile, then that sounds like an addiction. The same with taking a certain substance or eating a food which could even be sugar. When you have an addiction you compromise other parts of your life, often you hurt yourself and the people closest to you and l don’t believe you can be happy when you are addicted to something.

Well, how do you identify that you have an addiction? You can reflect on your life, talk to a family member or friend or seek the help of a Professional such as your local Doctor or a counsellor. Maybe identifying that you have the addiction and deciding that you would like to change will be the precursor to the change. Many people have given up smoking cold turkey while others really find it a battle. Addictions can often take up quite a lot of time in our lives and overcoming them can be a challenge, You could try changing your daily routine so that you don’t have the same triggers. Talking with a counsellor may help to resolve issues that you have which will remove the need for the addiction. Often addictions are just there and we can still function and lead a normal life, but at other times they consume our thoughts and a normal work and home life can be difficult.

When you are seeking wellness all areas of your life need to be reflected upon, and often we need to dig deep into our inner selves. This inner strength and resolve is very powerful and with the support of a partner, good friend or a Professional we can work towards the goal of wellness. The main person wanting to make the change though, has to be you. Change is very difficult unless you are empowered and motivated to work towards that goal. It is very easy to fall back into old habits when life gets a bit tough again. There will be many challenges along the way, but keep in mind your long term goal and imagine the freedom of thought and action when the addiction is no longer a daily part of your life.


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