Book Review-The Chemical Maze (Shopping Companion)

2013-11-03 10.38.56

In an ideal world we wouldn’t need a book like this, but with so many processed foods available and manufacturers adding anything and everything to their products so they taste good, this little book is a must. The Chemical Maze, written by Bill Statham lists all of the common food additives and cosmetic ingredients. It is a great size to keep in your handbag, so that when you are out shopping you can check what all of those numbers mean on the packaging under ingredients. Ideally you will be eating a diet with as little processed and packaged food in it as possible, and if not you are only buying items with just a few recognisable ingredients in them. This is not always practical though, and if you look at the ingredient lists for products such as sauces, gravies or confectionary as examples, sometimes there can be so many numbers and confusing words that it is difficult to be informed about what you are consuming. This book is usually available in health food shops and retails for under $20.



  1. Thanks for sharing this great book, add this to my book list to get.


    1. That is great. It is very handy to have.


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