Book Review-Wheat Belly Cookbook (William Davis M.D)

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This post follows on from last week when l wrote about living without bread and breakfast cereals. Thank you to a like minded relative who suggested this book. The Author, William Davis M.D is an American Cardiologist who has written several books and has a website devoted to the living wheat free philosophy. I heard Dr Davis speaking on a podcast a few months ago ( and he advises all of his patients to remove wheat from their diet and has seen some amazing results. Dr Davis is part of a growing group of people who believe that the modern wheat we are eating has been so genetically modified that consuming it destroys our health and has termed it ‘Frankengrain’. Dr Davis believes that if you remove wheat from your diet you will lose weight, your joints will feel better, your acid reflux will go away, rashes will disappear, your thinking will be clearer, you will have more energy and improved sleep, you will have less food craving and your asthma will improve or disappear. This book is quite technical at the start as it explains the history of wheat and how it has changed over time and why the different components of wheat are so destructive to our health.

This book is also a lifestyle and wellness book and the answer to being well is not just to remove wheat but to have this as part of an overall philosophy about living clean and green. So Dr Davis lists a few guidelines that we should all follow in our lives such as avoiding cured and processed meats, eating the least processed foods possible, avoiding fructose containing sweeteners and eating organic vegetables and fruits whenever possible. It all makes sense to me as it is about limiting our exposure to toxic substances that are playing havoc with our health such as chemicals, flavours, preservatives and pesticides as well as limiting the amount of sugar we are consuming which is causing many modern day illnesses such as obesity and diabetes. 

The book is also a recipe book and lists foods to remove and add to your kitchen. It is very comprehensive, the recipes look delicious and there are lots of hints to help you get started. If you have food intolerances or sensitivities some substitutions will need to be made such as for dairy which is in many recipes. A lot of recipes use almond meal, chickpea flour, coconut flour and flaxseeds in them as substitutes for the wheat flour which are all readily available but as with anything new will take some getting used to as they will bake differently to the wheat. A couple of negatives about the book are firstly l do not support the use of the microwave oven for cooking food and this is readily used in the recipes, and secondly there is a small section with photos of the recipes rather than a picture of the finished dish on the same page as the recipe which l would prefer. Overall l think this book is a must and l think it is a wonderful addition to my cooking and wellness library. This is a hard cover book and l purchased it online from for under $30.



  1. Your means of explaining everything in this piece off writing is actually good, every one can simply be
    aware of it, Thanks a lot.


    1. Thankyou for the compliment. This is a very good book and l will continue to do book review. I have another one coming up soon on a similar topic called ‘Grain Brain’.


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