Why choose the holistic approach!


Before l embarked on this wellness journey the word holistic didn’t hold a whole lot of meaning for me. It was on the alternative side of things which l had dabbled in occasionally. The first part of the word should have given me an idea that it was a whole body and mind approach, but it isn’t usually until we have personal experience with things that we deeply understand them. I had actually visited several Naturopaths over the years and had tried to embrace the things they were into, but life is a journey and l don’t think l could fully take on board the message they were trying to convey. I was trying to listen and understand what they were saying but l think possibly l wanted them to help me to get well without having to make too many changes in my life and because l was feeling o.k most of the time it all seemed too hard. When l became sick last year l fully embraced the traditional medical system and put my faith in them wholeheartedly, believing that they could get me well. What l didn’t realise at that point in time is that the mainstream medical system has it’s good points, but also many limitations and often actually finding the cause of what is wrong with you is secondary to just managing symptoms. Some people might be happy to have a procedure or take a pill to treat a symptom but l became very frustrated when l was presented with this option over and over again. Eventually l became so unwell that my daily life was impossible and l was forced to reevaluate the direction in which my life was heading.

By chance a friend recommended l see a holistic General Practitioner(GP) and it was an enlightening experience where l discovered the kind of health care l want and deserve, with the cause of my symptoms found and treated and the health issues resolved. I was quite shocked when the GP started to talk to me about my spirit, stress management, in-depth dietary changes, supplements, mindfulness meditation, intravenous vitamins to name a few and all in an hour long appointment. Since then l have found a holistic Dietician, Chiropractor and Physiotherapist. What is it that they have in common? It is their desire for me to be well. That’s the difference. I have left the regular GP’s office on many occasions with a clean bill of health yet l felt very unwell. Or l was given a script for a strong painkiller or other drug which would just treat the symptom and then when the problem returned l was back to the Dr again searching for help but usually felt uninspired by the response. The holistic practitioner’s listen attentively and draw on their knowledge of the whole body, mind and spirit. When you are ready l would recommend that you empower yourself and start asking questions, challenge pre-existing ideas and proactively seek out knowledge. Everyone deserves to be well and l believe that a holistic approach to life and your health in particular is a way to achieve this.


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