A well stocked fridge

2014-01-03 07.43.50

Keep it fresh, simple and healthy!

The key to eating healthy for me is organisation, planning and keeping my fridge and freezer well stocked. Food as Nutrition is the key to my wellness strategy and l spend a considerable amount of time most days in the kitchen cooking or preparing healthy meals for myself and family. A weekly shop for fresh produce is a good way to ensure that there is always a selection of healthy food to utilise when planning and preparing meals. A regular clean out of the fridge and freezer is also recommended. The fridge should be cleaned out each week before shopping so that you can give it a clean, rotate food items, throw out any items that are past their best and to help in creating the shopping list. Food in the freezer should be rotated as new tubs of food are placed in there and l try to utilise all of the food in the freezer every few months. I usually have one day on the weekend where l have a cook up and fill the freezer with my healthy snacks so that during the week when l am busy l can quickly pack my lunch box. My freezer is a very important as l keep a spare tub of activated nuts in there, lots of healthy snacks and a variety of meats that l can take out of the freezer at night in preparation for the next days dinner. I prepare almost everything that my family eats and as we do not have take away, eat out or buy many processed foods the kitchen is my haven and a place where l enjoy being.


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