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Chocolate chip cookies (see recipe section of website)

Loving Earth Products

I really love chocolate and have had to find some healthier ways to satisfy my desire for it. The Loving Earth brand has some wonderful products and these are a few that l enjoy. I have placed their website link above as it is a very interesting site. 

Organic raw chocolate. These are my favourites:

Coconut Mylk Chocolate - Raw OrganicOrange & Gubinge Dark Chocolate Box - Raw Organic

The Organic Raw Coconut Mylk Chocolate is very rich and sweet and two pieces completely satisfies my taste buds. I use a block of this when l make my Paleo Chocolate chip cookies and just chop it up finely with a knife. The Orange and Gubinge is a higher Cacao content dark chocolate and the orange flavour in it is so lovely.These varieties are sweetened with organic evaporated coconut nectar and the chocolate is handmade in Melbourne. Some of the varieties are sweetened with Agave and l steer clear of these as l do not like the flavour so it is important to check which sweetener is used in the variety you like so you don’t buy the wrong one.

Raw Organic Cacao Powder. It smells so delicious and l also add this to my chocolate chip cookies to increase the chocolate flavour. The Cacao Powder is made by cold pressing the raw cacao nibs which helps to retain the nutrients of the raw cacao.

Cacao Powder - Raw Organic

These products are available in Australia online and in health food shops. The Cacao powder also comes in a 500g paper bag which l usually buy and the chocolate can be bought in single sized servings if you want to try out the different flavours.


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  1. Mmm don’t these look good!


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