A hot Australian Summer!

A hot Summer

I look forward to this time of year so much. During the cold winter months when everyone is sick with colds and flu, l dream of the hot summer days that when upon us we complain about, but when gone l long for. The Australian Open Tennis Tournament is about to commence in Melbourne and it is my favourite time as l can watch it during the day and if l am lucky l can actually go and watch the amazing and inspiring players. It is a time of year when Australian’s unwind and holiday with their families, preparing for the back to school and work rush. My recent venture in to Twitter has exposed me daily to the many people in the world for whom it is not warm and sunny. Of course, l have seen the images on television in the nightly news of countries where snow storms prevail, but Twitter is very personal and it has me reflecting on how the diets of people all over the world are very different at any given time.

A seasonal diet

I have spoken before about the need to have a seasonally orientated diet, so that you are eating food that is fresh and packed with nutrients. Food that has been in storage for long periods of time or which is picked when green then transported and artificially ripened is nutritionally comprimised on not what you should be eating if wellness and healing are your goal. This time of year in Australia there are so many beautiful fruits available. They are fresh, sweet and delicious and the variety is amazing. Often, as l am walking down the aisle of the fruit section l will be entranced by a smell that is so fragrant, and l find myself buying that fruit and being rewarded with a flavour that is as sweet as can be.

Reflect on the food you are eating

In countries where it is very cold and the middle of winter the dishes would focus on nourishing and warming winter vegetables, soups and casseroles with less of a focus on fruits. We are very lucky in Australia to have so much locally grown produce and we can actually visit the farms where the food is grown, buy direct or go to farmers markets. Where ever you are in the world l would advise you to think about where your food is coming from and eat for the seasons as this is the best way to nourish your body.



  1. Neil Sadler · · Reply

    Had this salad last night with some great Company , Fantastic, keep up the great work Carolyn


    1. Thank you for the positive feedback.


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