Barriers to regular fitness and relaxation

Recently in my Life Coaching studies l created  a table of barriers in our lives that impact us achieving regular fitness and relaxation, along with some solutions that may help us to achieve our goals. I thought l would share it with you and hope it helps your wellness journey in a small way.

Barrier Solution
I don’t have the motivation to exercise. Start with something achievable each day such as incorporating incidental exercise into the day. This could include parking the car a short distance from work and walking the rest of the way. Once this routine is established add a new activity into the day such as going for a walk after work or stopping at the gym on the way home.If the person is at home most of the time, scheduling a time to exercise into the day will help with a lack of motivation.Surround yourself with people who can support you. This could be a medical person, a fitness trainer, a weight loss consultant, a friend or family member.
I am so unfit l don’t know where to start. Break it down in to achievable steps. Do something small each day to start with as it is the starting that is the hard part.Prioritise exercise into the day.Talk to someone such as a friend or family member about ways to get fit. Enlist the help of a friend or family member as then you can motivate each other.Schedule exercise into the daily calendar. Schedule an appointment with the General Practitioner to check you are o.k to embark on a fitness program.Join a gym or hire a personal trainer.Write down your fitness goals. Are they achievable?
I just can’t relax because l am always getting calls, emails and messages on my mobile telephone. Turn off technology at the end of the day so you can unwind before bed.Take all technology out of the bedroom.Have set times if possible when you can check for emails as an example instead of checking each one that comes in.Have a day on the weekend where technology is limited.Try to find alternative activities for relaxation other than those that use technology such as Facebook.Let some messages go to the answering service. Re-do your message so people know when you are available.
I find it hard to get to sleep at night and l don’t sleep well. Have a set time for going to bed each night such as aiming to be asleep by 10pm where possible.If you are a shift worker try to maintain a regular sleep routine.Create a suitable environment in your bedroom for sleep. Remove all technology and have a good routine such as a warm drink before bed and then reading a book.Consider the colours in the bedroom, clutter and the quality of your bedding.Have a small dinner well before bedtime so that your stomach is not full of food.Limit stimulants such as caffeine to early in the day.
My life is so busy with work and other things that l see exercise as an optional activity. Find a balance between work and relaxation/leisure.Reassess what your fitness goals are.Join a gym, start an exercise program at home, go for a walk at lunchtime
I don’t think l am healthy enough to exercise so what is the point. Visit the General Practitioner to get a health assessment.Most people can do some exercise. Start with something gentle such as water walking at the local pool.Enlist the help of a fitness trainer so they can guide you through a program and slowly increase your fitness and confidence.Buy some exercise equipment to have at home such as some small weights or a fit ball. If you can afford it then a treadmill or exercise bike.
I will never be as fit as l want to be. Write down your fitness goals. Are they realistic.Make a start by talking with someone such as your General Practitioner or a fitness coach to plan a step by step approach to achieving your goals.Modify your goals so they are achievable in the short term.Start exercising and see how you feel. As you reach one small goal, try to meet the next one.
I am so wound up and stressed that l find it hard to relax. Participate in relaxing activities such as a weekly massage, Reiki or daily meditation.Aim for a good work and life balance where your wellness is the priority.Think about what is important in your life, the things that are negotiable and those that you can let slide.Reflect on what it is in your life that is causing so much stress. Can it be changed or removed? Find someone to talk to such as a friend or counsellor.
I choose unhealthy ways to relax such as playing the poker machines, going out drinking with friends and smoking. I don’t know what else to do. Join a sporting group such as netball or tennis.Start swimming.Explore meditation, yoga or pilates.Find a hobby such as gardening.Find some new friends who are interested in healthy ways to relax.Visit a life coach to talk about your health and wellness goals.Look in the local paper for ideas on activities you can do.
I eat a lot of takeaway and highly processed foods which makes me feel very tired. Stop eating take away and processed foods.Fill your fridge with fresh and healthy foods.Make some time on the weekend to plan your meals and pre-cook some of them for the week.Cook up a few batches of casseroles and freeze for the busy days.Change your routine so you are not tempted to eat the take away.
I exercise whenever l can but l don’t feel relaxed. Re-assess if your exercise program is helping or hindering you in achieving your fitness goals.Are you doing the right kind of exercise to achieve your goals?Try some alternative activities which are more calming such as meditation, yoga or pilates.

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