Turning the Food Pyramid on its head

Source: articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/06/22/food-pyramid-guide.aspx

Rethink your diet

The diet l used to have pretty much mirrored the Standard diet as represented in the Food Pyramid which is dominated by grains, primarily wheat. I believe it is that diet which largely contributed to my ill health and now that l am more informed and Wellness is my priority it is my choice not to eat wheat, grains particularly those containing gluten, dairy, processed sugar and most things processed. My current diet which l consider to be based on the Paleo diet also largely mirrors the Food Pyramid designed by Dr Mercola. The only part of the diet that l struggle with is keeping my fruit consumption down. It is especially hard in Summer when fruit is so plentiful as l have a really sweet tooth. My fruit consumption is controlled by the fact that if l eat too much l have digestive upsets so l try to limit myself to two pieces per day and if l have an extra piece l make sure they are spread out over the day. I steer clear of certain fruits such as grapes and pineapple and tend to stick to my favourites which are Navel oranges, bananas, green apples and berries. As my health has improved l have found that l can tolerate the occasional piece of stone fruit such as a delicious apricot, peach or nectarine and even a few cherries. It is the natural sugars in fruits which cause me trouble and l do follow a low FODMAP diet as a result, but l am constantly trying to incorporate more vegetables into my diet as the Food Pyramid highlights, as l realise that basing the bulk of my diet around them is the key to optimal health.

Have a look at Dr Mercola’s Food Pyramid and reflect on your own diet and whether you think it might be time for a change.


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