A look inside my online shopping order

2014-03-28 12.27.50 2014-03-28 12.23.51

I find online shopping very convenient, especially as l am sourcing products that can be difficult to find and which are often quite expensive in health food shops. I have a few favourite online shops that l buy from and thought l would give everyone a look into my latest order which has just arrived from a favourite of mine http://www.bulkwholefoods.com.au. I order from this supplier about once a month and take advantage of their free delivery for orders over $100. Sometimes they have a 10% off special also which helps with the budget. I received 13 items in my order with a total of approximately $135. I only placed the order yesterday morning and it arrived 24 hours later on my door step. I pay online through Paypal and l receive confirmation emails when the order is placed and again when shipped. Everything came nicely packed as shown in the picture above and the item in a glass jar was wrapped in bubble wrap.

What did l buy?


2014-03-28 12.25.092014-03-28 12.25.35

I bought 2 kilos of Natural Almond meal at a cost of $15.99 per kilo. I keep this in the fridge in tubs and use it mainly for cakes and pancakes and I sometimes buy hazelnut meal for a change. I also bought a 500g bag of blanched flaked almonds at a cost of $9.99. I also keep these in the fridge in a container and also use them in cakes and pancakes.

2014-03-28 12.26.05 2014-03-28 12.26.21 2014-03-28 12.24.52

Buckwheat and Coconut flours are my favourite flours as they are gluten free and cook well. They are major ingredients in the cakes and pancakes that l make. This supplier also has Besan flour which is made from chickpeas but l find it has a very strong flavour. Banana flour is a new product l haven’t yet tried but it is very expensive so l didn’t get it this time. Another good flour is quinoa flour but it is also quite expensive so l only buy it every now and again. I bought two 1 kilo bags of Buckwheat flour for $7.50 per kilo and two 500g bags of Coconut flour for $5.95 each. I purchased two 1 kilo bags of Spelt wholemeal organic flour for $6.20 per kilo which l use in cooking for my children. While l don’t eat any gluten containing foods they are on a low gluten diet and l use this flour in conjunction with the buckwheat flour when cooking cakes for them. My other favourite ancient grain flour is Khorason/Kamut flour but this was out of stock. I actually prefer it to the Spelt as l think it cooks up nicer and produces a softer cake.

2014-03-28 12.26.43 2014-03-28 12.26.31

I really love seeds and would have also purchased chia and sunflower seeds in this order but try to keep the cost as close to the $100 free delivery as l can, and l haven’t run out of them yet. I keep all of my seeds in containers in the fridge and will soak and dehydrate the pumpkin seeds before using them. I purchased a 1 kilo bag of pumpkin seeds for $18.70 and a 1 kilo bag of sesame seeds for $12.95. I use both of these seeds in my cooking and love to add pumpkin seeds into the pan when l am cooking scrambled eggs or an omelette.

2014-03-28 12.27.34 2014-03-28 12.25.48

I really like this honey and l am able to buy it for the same price from local supermarkets but added it to this order for convenience. I paid $9.70 for the 500g jar. I use this honey in my cooking and have really stepped away from using Stevia in preference to this product/or similar brand as l find the taste so delicious and sweet. Because l don’t use dairy in my cooking but the very delicious organic coconut oil, l find that this honey and the coconut oil are a great flavour combination.

The final product in this order is shredded coconut and l use it in my cakes and seed bars mainly. I also buy the coconut flakes but had some left in the pantry. I am enjoying trying all of the exciting coconut products that are available and find the flavour really delicious in my cooking. I purchased a 1 kilo bag for $11.99.

I find that products can be cheaper online than in the store but this isn’t always the case, so it is good to be aware that prices can vary quite a lot. I noticed this morning that my local Supa IGA has a new range in that includes buckwheat flour so l am hoping these products will become more accessible to everyone as demand increases.

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