Get ready, it is almost Navel orange season



I feel excited just writing about this delicious, nutritious and sweet fruit.

It is almost Navel orange season in Australia and l have to admit to being a bit selective when it comes to the oranges l eat. They absolutely have to be Navel oranges and they need to be in season. There is nothing like the smell, the sweet juice that drips out of it and the amazing taste sensation that is every taste bud in my mouth jumping for joy while l am eating my favourite fruit. If l by mistake pick out a Valencia orange then the reaction is completely different. The taste is just not there, they have pips, are so chewy and are more of a juicing orange. For daily eating l stick to the Navel orange and just cannot wait until the Australian Navels are in the stores and available in bags which is an affordable way to buy them.

2014-04-22 10.29.39

I am at present buying the U.S.A California Navels and they are so divine that l am eating two a day and it is costing a fortune to keep up with my eating habits. I bought these 8 oranges this week and they were over $10. I am not sure what the most l would pay for oranges is but this is the second bag in a week, so over $20 just this week on oranges which is not good for the budget. I am heading to the Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market tomorrow to see if l can get a case of oranges which is how my parents used to buy fruit when we were growing up. Of course we lived near the orchards, so they were straight off the tree and a delight to eat.

Nutrition Facts:

I think the saying should be an orange a day keeps the Dr away, as there are so many wonderful nutritional aspects to an orange. They are an excellent source of Vitamin C and Phytonutrients which help to support a healthy immune system, as well as a good source of fibre which aids the function of the digestive system. Oranges also contain folate, beta carotene, Vitamin B1, Potassium, Copper, Pantothenic Acid and Calcium. They are a good snack as they help to stabilise blood sugar and are very filling. Often the most nutritious part of the orange is discarded which is the peel and inner white pulp. A tip is to peel the orange just below the skin so you are eating the white pulp and to use the skin in baking, salads and dressings.

If you haven’t discovered the joys of eating a Navel orange then l encourage you to do so wherever you are in the world when they are in season. If they agree with your digestion then they will help to support your health and wellbeing. Although oranges have a tangy flavour to them and may seem acidic, they are actually alkalizing in the body which helps to promote good health.

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