My Caveman


My Caveman

It is really wonderful to be married to a good man. It is almost our 20th wedding Anniversary and this is a good time to reflect on what is a great achievement given that these days around 50 percent of couples are divorcing. There have been some rocky times over the years but we have never stopped communicating and have always been kind to each other. There is a lot of caring in our relationship and that has helped to weather a few storms. It is hard to believe it has been 20 years and after all of this time we are still getting to know each other.


Our wedding day!

I was in my 20’s when we met and got married and my caveman was divorced with 2 lovely young daughters. I naively thought love would help us to overcome the many obstacles that a blended family brings and in the end it has. We welcomed three beautiful children of our own and our 2nd daughter was born with many medical issues which traumatised both of us and was an incredible strain for so many years. There have been many people around us looking on who had no idea of the strain we were under caring for a sick child whilst juggling the many other complexities of modern life and there was often friction from those who didn’t try to understand which was always a cause for more stress and worry.


At my sickest just over a year ago

Being unwell as a mother is a difficult thing to manage as you want to care for the family and give so much of yourself that often it isn’t until there is a health crisis that the necessary changes are made. One and a half years on from having so many health issues life is great and family life very busy. Through it all my caveman has been supportive, caring and loving. All he wants is for me to be well and to be able to enjoy life with our family. His needs seem quite simple compared to mine. As long as there is footy on the t.v, a sleep in every now and again and lots of nice food prepared for him he is a happy man.

2012-12-23 11.58.00


I don’t know why some relationships work and others don’t but throughout the years my husband and l have developed a closeness that comes through time together, sharing common goals and helping to support each other on a daily basis. My parents just shared their 60th wedding Anniversary and there seems to be a contentedness with just being together and making it work. I am grateful to be married to someone who supports my independent nature, yet knows that at heart it is my family that are the most important part of my life. Drawing strength from your partner and children can contribute to your wellness as they are a source of comfort and motivation to continue on your journey. Some days it can seem all too hard and on those days l often go to sleep with an uncomfortable heaviness in my heart. As the sun rises on a new day though, l take a few deep breaths and am grateful for all that l have in my life.

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