It is hard work being well!

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A few things have happened lately that have made me realise that achieving wellness and maintaining it can be a challenge, especially over the long term. I also think that a lot of people are unwell but they don’t realise it and they live day to day feeling quite ordinary.

Two years ago when l woke up one day with an unusual burning pain in my back l had the thought that l had been struck down with something random such as if it was a cold or virus. It never occurred to me that this illness had been festering inside me for years. I read something recently that likened our bodies to the foundations of a house, where over time a house gets worn and cracks appear. As we age we also see cracks appearing which could be aches and pains, fatigue, regular headaches, weight gain or forgetfulness as examples. We put up with these things as we think they are normal signs of ageing and because our daily life can go on with an adjustment here and there.

health scare

When l look back l feel so naive for thinking that l woke up randomly with heart burn because it turned out to be a sign that my gallbladder was failing, my liver was under stress, my immune system was suppressed and my digestive system and gut health were very dysfunctional. I used to have in my head the thought that my digestive system, immune system, brain function and overall well being were not connected and now l know that they are all interlinked and that good gut health is one of the keys to me achieving my wellness goals.


This morning my husband who takes a few supplements each day in the form of capsules looked like he was ready to give up. He has been taking supplements for a couple of months now and recently the G.P added in a few extra pills to a total of about 7 each morning and he said it was just “all too much!”. The other piece of information that l will add in here is that l heard on a podcast recently that research is showing that it takes two years to successfully make a lifestyle change. This got me thinking about people’s motivation to achieve wellness. My husband isn’t sick, but just wants to be a bit healthier, so his motivation could be impacted by this. Also, when a person has a health crisis it can be a time for healthier lifestyle changes, or alternatively a person may choose to just keep on living the life they had before. It can be a crossroads where the choice made will impact the rest of a person’s life.



I wrote a blog recently about why l want to achieve wellness in my life and l feel really proud that over the past 1.5 years l have put so much effort into getting well. I have taken up to 30 supplements a day (now about 15), completely changed my diet and have achieved huge health gains when l have had many life events occur which could have derailed my progress. In the early days of getting well l also had to visit my Holistic Doctor frequently and this in itself was a challenge as she is quite a distance away, not to mention the expense of it all!

When it comes down to achieving wellness a lot of it has to do with your own personal motivation. It is very challenging to change your eating patterns and habits, especially when they are not the norm in society. Someone l know made a joke that if you follow the Paleo diet you will not have any friends, and l would say in response that you may not have the same friends, but the ones who are important in your life and who care about you will be there, and you will gain new friends who share your nutrition and life goals.


Some days l look at my pills, or the food that other people are eating and ask myself why am l putting all of this effort in? I then remind myself of how life was before and how great it is to feel well. On a daily basis it is hard work remembering to exercise, keep up with the cooking and to keep on top of things. My suggestion is to fully embrace the changes, take the good and bad days as they come, seek out people who think like you want to think and do what makes you feel good.

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