Book Review- eat well : be well


A good place to visit!

What a wonderful healing cookbook this is!

Produced by The Gawler Foundation, it is a great resource to have in your kitchen as it is filled with practical wellness tips, ideas for stocking the pantry, cooking suggestions to promote the maximum intake of nutrients, tips to preparing food to promote good digestion  and a varied and delicious selection of recipes. The sections in the book include ways to eat for optimal health, legumes, nuts & seeds, juices, vegetables, sea vegetables, fruit, utensils, breakfast, dips & nibbles,dressings & sauces, bread, soup, main courses, desserts, side dishes, salads and sweet treats.

Following the Paleo diet l do like to include some meat in my diet but the recipes are so easily adapted to accommodate this. The book makes you think about the quality of the food you are putting in your mouth and cooking methods that may be harmful to our health such as cooking with fats at high temperatures or using baking paper or cling wrap which contain hidden chemicals in them. The soaking of legumes, grains, nuts & seeds is promoted and juices are cold pressed. There are wholemeal grains used in the book which aren’t part of my diet but there are so many wonderful dishes based around vegetables with minimal use of additives such as commercial sauces that would suit people like myself who are sensitive to most of the preservatives, colours and flavours used in commercially produced foods today.

2013-09-30 08.54.59

Cold Pressed juicing!

My favourite recipes:

Hummus Dip: I have made this heaps of times and added roasted beetroot and pepper as suggested in the book. This can be found on my website.

2014-01-22 18.22.50

Roasted beetroot hummus!

Rice paper rolls: I probably didn’t really need a recipe for rice paper rolls but seeing the picture of them motivated me to make them. I added some roasted free range chicken and salmon to mine and the recipe for home made chilli dipping sauce was really nice.

2013-11-14 18.38.44

Rice paper rolls with the Gawler Foundation chilli dipping sauce!

 Lots of the salads: I have gotten some great inspiration from the salads in this book, especially one that is on my website which contains chickpeas and roasted vegetables.

2013-09-24 19.04.45 2013-10-18 17.41.16 2013-10-13 14.48.43

2014-01-08 18.46.03 2014-01-06 18.29.472014-01-22 18.00.24

Gawler Foundation Salad Dressing: This is really nice and based on flax oil and apple cider vinegar. I have talked about it a lot on my website and use it frequently by having it in a nice jug in the fridge and pouring it on my meals.

2014-01-22 12.33.44 2014-01-22 12.23.50

Ice-cream: This is made with fresh fruit using a cold pressed juicer. It is really nice.


Home made sorbet/ice-cream using frozen fruit!

There are lots of other recipes l want to try like the pesto, guacamale and soups, but it takes time and a good cookbook can become like an old friend that you visit over and over.

Other things l love about this book:

Cooking and wellness tips.

The positive healing nature of the book.

The pictures are colourful and inspiring.

It is easy to read and follow.

The ring binder format is very easy to use.

Like any cookbook there are things that won’t suit each person and there is the use of foods such as rice flower, Braggs All Purpose Seasoning, Balsamic Vinegar, Tempeh, Soy milk, Kombu as examples which l don’t use but this hasn’t been a concern as l have learnt to adapt recipes to suit. This is a holistic lifestyle and wellness book which fits perfectly into my way of life with a focus on home cooking using the best quality and most natural ingredients you can.

Food that is lovingly prepared is an investment in your own well-being and that of your family, and the process of preparing this beautiful food is healing in itself. This book is just over $30 and can be purchased online from the Gawler Foundation. I won it in a competition that l entered on their website and l was very happy and excited when the parcel was unexpectedly delivered to my door when l was just starting on this wellness journey about a year ago. It was wonderful to receive such a healing cookbook as a gift when l was in such great need and it proudly sits in my kitchen with what has become quite a large and varied collection.

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  1. Looks like a great cookbook!


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