Book Review: Your Personal Paleo Code

your personal paleo code

This is one of my favourite books! 

When l first started on this wellness journey l turned to a book by Lola Berry, called The 20/20 diet which introduced me to the Paleo diet. It was such a great book for me to use at the start of my nutritional changes as it had lots of explanations of the foods l should be eating for optimal health and the ones l needed to remove from my diet and l initially stopped eating wheat, processed sugar and dairy with remarkable results. One and a half years on and most of the Lola Berry book makes sense to me now as l have explored and embraced so many new ingredients and many aspects of the Paleo diet. A few months ago l bought Chris Kresser’s book: Your Personal Paleo Code and it was exactly what l had been searching for with its extensive focus on Nutrition and how to personalise Paleo so it suits each person.

To me this is a nutrition book and a lifestyle book. If you want to change your life for the better then this book can put you on the right path. It is a guide and tool that is so useful. I can open the book at any part and just be so interested in the topic and it is very easy to follow, with lots of explanations and easy to follow guides on how to completely overhaul your diet and move forward. Having been on the Paleo diet for one and a half years now, l really get this book and everything it is trying to achieve. I am walking proof of the benefits of following a Paleo diet and my version of the Paleo diet will be different to others as each person needs to work out what suits them, as Chris Kresser discusses in his book. The author shares his wellness journey and l really love it when someone writes a book about their own journey and maybe one day l will do that also.

The Chapters in the book are 1/ Reset your diet, 2/ Rebuild your life and 3/ Revive your health. I feel excited just telling you about this book as l have been through all three of these phases, from chronic illness to feeling great. It is a slow process changing your life and building new habits, but a book like Your Personal Paleo Code is such a useful tool and will become your friend and companion as your journey starts and progresses.

I have a whole library of new books that have helped me understand what it is to be well and this is one that l am happy to recommend for those of you looking to make a significant change in your life.


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