Let learning and self discovery support your wellness journey

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Wellness will be different for everyone. Your journey is your own.

With age should come wisdom, but many of us get comfortable doing the same routine and forget that if we are to grow as people we must not only discover the external world, but also the world within us. The more l learn about the human body, the more l realise there is so much to know and that our minds and thinking can be an infinite source of knowledge and inspiration, or a self-imposed prison that limits the possibilities available to us.

Wellness is about life balance

Wellness is about life balance

Learning and self-education have always been important to me as highlighted by the many courses l have completed, but the evaluation of my internal self has been a struggle and possibly is at the centre of mine and many people’s health issues. Throughout my wellness journey l have discovered the many kinds of stressors that we are exposed to which place stress on our bodies and compromise our wellness. In the past two years l have focussed mainly on decreasing nutritional, physical and environmental stress, which in itself has been an enormous task as often we use food or our environment to deal with emotional and mental stress. Achieving life balance is so difficult in this modern world and it takes a conscious effort to put yourself first, listen to your body and take some time to get to know yourself. How easy it is to go from one day to the next, just going through the motions of daily life, without delving into who we really are.


A mindful approach to life can help to clear the mind and ease anxiety.

I have written in past posts about life balance, clearing the decks of angry or negative people in your life, finding support people who think as you do or as you would like to think and how making changes in our lives can be difficult because of the comfort zone that we all cling to. I feel so excited by the possibilities that are open to me in this life and that the challenges of modern life can be addressed by empowering myself and believing that by being the best version of me l can be that l am not only inspiring myself but also others who may be seeking to make a change but just need that little bit of motivation.

2014-04-16 12.06.45

Take some time out each day to clear your mind of worries & negative thoughts.

Self reflection is at the core of changing your life, and sometimes we don’t like what we see or we can’t see ourselves clearly as there are many areas that we would like to change. Addressing all of the stressors at once can be overwhelming and just making a small start can be significant. For me it was digging up the front lawn and planting a beautiful vegetable garden to signify the start of my life change. Having a realistic attitude to the challenges of change is essential as lifelong habits take time to accommodate, especially when patterns of behaviour are almost second nature.

2014-08-05 07.26.39

My beautiful vegetable garden. I worked for an hour each day to dig up the lawn while quite unwell and step by step over several months this lovely area was created. It signifies the start of a major change in my life where wellness is the anchor that underpins my actions, decision and behaviours.

I spoke with someone during the week who prompted this topic as they have a partner who is very focussed on a healthy nutrition intake similar to me, but made the comment that she will outlive this person as he is very stressed out and worries about everything. The moral of this is that just changing one aspect of our lives is not enough and if we are to achieve true life balance then all aspects need to be addressed. When you are reading this post and others of mine, know that l am always going to be on this wellness journey and that just like you l am working away at reducing stress in my life, as there is no magic potion to make life easier or better.

This is how l feel

I feel like l have been given a great opportunity to have a better life!

If you listen to your body it will give you signals that all is not well. That stomach ache, headache, twitching eye, inflamed throat, sore back, racing mind, heart palpitations to name a few were common symptoms l had and put up with as the many Doctors l saw told me l was fine. Following a holistic Paleo diet has made life easier in so many ways as getting my nutrition and supplements right has helped to address the other stressors in my life.

If we think about the type of lives our bodies were designed to live, it would seem obvious that we all know the type of life that would be healthier for us, but in this modern world it is challenging to live that kind of life. If we all have this attitude then where will we end up and what type of future will our children have? I admire all of the people having a go at changing their lives for the better as it takes great courage to go against the norms in society. I hope that more people educate themselves and make informed choices from a variety of sources about the type of life that is best for them and this in itself will help to inspire others to make a change. Good luck with your positive life changes, and remember it doesn’t matter how small they are as long as you make a start.

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