Why aim for wellness in your life?

Why have l put all of this effort into getting well?


My three children! The greatest motivation.

I was having a think today about the people in my life and reflecting that l am not sure that l know anyone who is really well. Everyone seems to have some kind of ailment, illness, intolerance, allergy or health woe and most of us just put up with them as long as our daily lives aren’t too disrupted. What stops us from seeking wellness? Why are we satisfied with treating a symptom rather than finding the cause? Is it our comfort zone holding us back, or that sometimes the path to wellness is a long and complex journey. I am a classic example of this as l lived with chronic illness for a long time before taking action, but it got to the point where l couldn’t function and my life was at risk of becoming highly medicalised.

When you have a chronic illness it can take over your life and the goals and dreams that you have can seem like they are very far away and not achievable. Going from Doctor to Doctor in search of answers is tiring, expensive, demotivating and quite overwhelming. The one thing that l think is important to have on your wellness journey is a focus on what is important in your life.

2014-04-14 08.41.41

Feeling great after so many years of illness.

Throughout the many years l was unwell and searching for answers l always felt like there was one day going to be a solution to my health problems and that if l kept a positive attitude things would work out. Most people l know didn’t realise that l was so unwell as l naturally have a positive nature and outlook on life. Early last year when my weight suddenly dropped to a dangerously low level, my digestive system was causing me some serious health issues and l developed a severe Vitamin B12 deficiency l tried not to take it to heart when friends would stop me in the street to say how amazing l was looking and what was my secret to losing so much weight.

not as it seems

A smile can hide a lot!

Having a major health crisis several years ago forced me to reflect on what was important in my life and for me that is my children. My daily life was being impacted by illness and l wasn’t able to live the life l wanted, with the future looking quite bleak. The last year and a half getting well has been an amazing experience with lots of hard days but now that l feel so well l can look back and reflect on the journey. I hardly recognise the person that l was and am just bursting on the inside with so much joy at how good it feels to be well.


The future now has endless possibilities.

If l was getting well for myself though, l am not sure l would have had the strength and courage to make the life changes that l have, but my three wonderful children need my love and care, which has given me strength along the way and helped me to push through the really hard days. I am not sure what l used to think my life purpose was before l had children but having to get out of bed each day and support them has helped to take the focus off my own health worries and provided a normality to my daily life at a time when so many things have changed. Children can be a wonderful distraction and can help you to find energy that you didn’t think you had. Along my journey l tried to focus on the type of mother l wanted my children to have: one that is healthy, a great role model and who is achieving some amazing life goals.


What is life like now that l am well?

My whole life has changed now that l am well and l am working hard at sharing what l have learnt with others who are struggling just as l was. I have a whole new way of eating which suits my body, am exploring my passion for Nutrition and am learning so much everyday about myself and the world around me. I work hard at maintaining my life balance now which includes caring for the family, working as a teacher, setting up my new Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coaching business and sticking to my own quite strict nutrition and exercise plan. I don’t believe in the 80/20 rule that everyone talks about as I think you should give everything you have to healthy living and fully embrace it. To actually be well rather than just masking symptoms is an amazing feeling. It is hard to describe but basically l have loads of energy, lots of motivation to achieve my goals, feel really good mentally, am exercising everyday doing weights and cardio, have lots of resilience both physically and mentally and am in general really enjoying life.


Different for everyone.

My whole world seems to have expanded as l have found so many other people who are going through similar health challenges and are experiencing their own wellness journey. Creating this website has been a wonderful experience and there are so many other really generous and creative people out there who are also sharing the wellness message through their blogs, podcasts, seminars and amazing books. It is no secret that l follow the Paleo diet and lifestyle and joining this community has helped to guide and support my journey and l hope that by sharing part of my life with you that this helps to support your wellness journey also.

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