Comfort zones

The greatest barrier to goal achievement!

Comfort Zones


Do you know what a comfort zone is?

How often do you challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone?

Do you get that sick feeling in your stomach when you do, and then a wonderful feeling of achievement afterwards?

Comfort zones are a set of boundaries that we live and act within, in various areas of our lives such as work, our emotions, diet, relationships and exercise. We follow the path of least resistance for reasons such as having a fear of change, a lack of motivation, a desire for certainty in life or not wanting to have conflict with those around us who would not support the change. Comfort zones are a barrier to goal achievement both in the short and long term. They impact our self perceptions, and are influenced by our underlying beliefs and attitudes which can restrain us from achieving personal goals.

Moving outside of your Comfort Zone is sometimes motivated by external or internal factors. Often due to work or family commitments we do things that are not comfortable for us and often we think we will not have the internal strength to cope with the change. Having people in our life who are supportive can provide support and this could be a friend or family member. On a Professional level there are many different people to approach including a fitness trainer or Life Coach. A Life Coach for example can help to empower you by exploring options for change and by helping to develop decision making skills. They will also help plan for changes that support personal growth and improved well being and help to identify any barriers which may need to be addressed to support this change.

comfort zone - Copy

Living in the comfort zone can hold us back from achieving desired life goals.

Personally l am finding that the more l challenge myself, the more confidence l have in trying new things. When l complete my studies in Primal Nutrition l may run seminars for people to learn more about the Paleo/Primal lifestyle and l am already having the internal battle of can l/cant l, which is mentally exhausting. It is probably the fear of failure that sometimes holds us back but l have found that l mostly succeed in the new things that l try, and much of my nervousness is unwarranted.

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