Life after chronic illness

No-one welcomes a chronic illness into their life. We are all used to having an acute episode of an illness that gets better, but often we suffer with conditions that impact our day-to-day life in such a way that every day is a struggle emotionally, physically and mentally.


I wrote a post a while ago called ‘Why aim for wellness in your life, where l was reflecting that l didn’t know anyone in my life who was really well. Now l find myself thinking that it is hard to know that you are well until you are. If l go back 6 months l was thinking how fantastic l felt, then if l think back two months ago l felt even better and then today l feel amazing. At every stage of my wellness journey l have just been feeling better and better and thought that was it and now l am wondering where it is all going to end. This has got me thinking that a lot of people are walking around feeling quite terrible and thinking this is normal.

When l was very unwell of course l knew that wasn’t normal and it was a test of my internal strength that l have come through it all. If l had left my health options up to the Doctors treating me l would be in a great big mess now and sicker than ever. The chronic nature of my health conditions would have continued and l wouldn’t be sitting here describing the joy l feel now at rediscovering myself.


I listen to a lot of health podcasts and find inspiration from so many people who like myself have taken on the challenge of finding a cure to their own health problems, or who have sourced out other inspirational people such as holistic Doctors to support them. One that comes to mind immediately is Dr Terry Wahl’s. I have listened to her talk about her recovery from Multiple Sclerosis so many times in the past few months and it is inspiring. This is the link to her website


Dr Wahls book. An inspiring story and a great resource for those with Multiple Sclerosis.

I find great strength in hearing the stories of people who have challenged the medical system and now have an immense self pride in myself that l am one of them.

How did chronic illness impact my life?I actually can’t put it into a few words but may write a book about it one day. 

Chronic illness is hard on a family. The day to day nature of illness impacts all members and can be equally hard on those not in the immediate family as they try to understand but can’t as they are not living the struggle.

What happens when more than one person is ill? It places a focus on problems, difficulties, life adjustments and pain. It is restrictive, stressful, ongoing, tiring and draining. In my case l was the main carer of a child who has been sick since birth and who thankfully is now getting stronger just as l am which magnified the strain on everyone.

People can make superficial judgements about how you act and why. I won’t put up with people treating me the way they did in the past because they didn’t understand. I am putting myself first now and the family is benefiting. If people ask me directly about my illness l will explain, but otherwise l just want to enjoy my new life and try to inspire others.

2014-10-27 12.28.40

Strong, determined and enjoying life.

Most people probably don’t notice much of a difference in me, but I am not the same as l was. Living with a chronic illness has changed me. The mental fatigue of dealing with so much hidden pain is lifting and l am getting to know my body and myself in a different way now.

Wellness is contageous. My family is filled with joy that their mother is happy, busy, energetic and free of the pain and illness that they grew up with. Unfortunately my children have inherited some of the health conditions l have and this has been an added mental challenge for me, but l am strong now and can support and guide them.

time to get healthy

Shortly l am going to write a descriptive post on how becoming a Primal BluePrint Certified Expert has already changed my life and will influence the decisions l make in the future. I am conducting online consultations at present and am setting up my business for Melbourne based clients in 2015. Life is heading in a new direction and l would encourage you to take an interest in your health and appreciate that living in this modern world places great stress on our bodies which requires a proactive approach from all of us if we are to avoid chronic and debilitating illness.


Paleo Nutrition and Wellness Coach.


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