Primal BluePrint Testimonial

Representatives of The Primal BluePrint in the U.S.A asked me if l would write a Testimonial on why l applied to do the Expert Certification Program and what l had gotten out of the course. I was more than happy to do so and this is what l wrote.

pb_cert_expert_white (1)

As soon as l saw the advertisement for the Primal BluePrint Expert Certification l knew it was for me. I had spent the past one and a half years rebuilding my health after suffering a chronic illness and Primal Nutrition had played a significant role in my recovery. I had recently completed a general Nutrition course and was looking for a program that would build on the knowledge l already had. I was absolutely delighted with what the Primal BluePrint had to offer and found the course incredibly stimulating. I appreciated the very high standards expected and challenged myself to do well in the tests where a pass was a high 75%. I enjoyed the content of the Program and thought it was exceptional value as there were numerous free digital resources included on enrolment such as books and videos, and on completion an exciting box arrived from Primal BluePrint Headquarters filled with congratulatory gifts such as books, an excellent t-shirt and a certificate that l proudly display on my office wall.

Mark Sisson’s story of being at the top of his profession yet having so many health problems really hit home with me as before becoming unwell l was a chronic exerciser and was told by so many Doctors that l was fine. I think Mark Sisson is an inspiring person and admire his commitment to health as a top priority in his life and found this a real drawcard in wanting to be more involved with the Primal Blueprint. I have listened to Mark speak on numerous podcasts and admire his intelligence, honesty and ability to reflect on his own life. This professionalism underpins the Primal BluePrint organisation who have supported me throughout the course and on completion with prompt and friendly communication. I feel part of the Primal BluePrint team and family now, as l am one of a select few who have completed this life changing program.

The Primal BluePrint offers a foundation for living a Primal life in a Modern world. The basics are there and it is up to each person to incorporate the Nutrition, Fitness and other LAWS into their own life. I feel like l am part of a group of empowered people who are working together to promote a message that can positively change people’s whole life. I really believe in the concepts that underpin the Primal BluePrint and want to share the message that we can promote positive gene expression in our bodies through Nutrition and lifestyle. I reflect on my own life and of those around me and feel that we have lost our way in this modern world and the Primal BluePrint can help to simplify daily living by promoting healthy food and lifestyle choices that suit our genetic makeup.

I now have the knowledge to enhance my own life and also incorporate the Primal BluePrint philosophies into my Nutrition and Wellness coaching business. On completion of the course, graduates are generously offered the use of the Primal BluePrint logos which l am using on social media such as on my website at and advertising material. I am now planning to run a 12 week group program where l share what l have learnt to those living in my local community and completing the Primal BluePrint Program has been an amazing experience and is the start of a wonderful journey.

To find out more about the Primal BluePrint Expert Certification just click on the picture below.

primal blueprint expert link


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