Beef is back on the menu

Grass fed Beef in all varieties from mouth watering eye fillet and succulent ribs to a delicious roast have been on the menu for me recently. 

2014-12-05 19.06.41

Grass fed beef ribs deliciously cooked and falling off the bone

Until recently l hadn’t eaten beef or any other red meat for several years. I regularly cooked it for my husband and children but couldn’t digest it and just didn’t find it appealing at all. Every now and again l would pick at the corned beef l cooked and that seemed palatable, but my meat intake was primarily free range chicken, wild salmon, tuna, sardines and fish. After the gall bladder removal two years ago now l lost all desire to eat red meat as l found the fat in it left me feeling unwell and it really slowed my digestion right down. I was taking digestive enzymes back then and trying to manage a digestive system that was shutting down. Cutting out red meat was required at the time as l lived on foods that were easy to digest. As my health has improved l have become more adventurous with my eating and have found taking a Bile Acid Factors supplement with a meal containing fat or meat helps my digestion enormously.

2014-11-12 17.14.07

These products support my digestion.

A few weeks ago l became very unwell with low iron after a particularly heavy menstrual period which can be an issue for many women, especially as we get older. I was on Iron supplements many times a day and the feeling in my body was one of sickness and fatigue. I reflected on my diet and felt that it was time to reintroduce the best red meat l could buy into my diet as my body was signalling to me that this is what it needed to function well. I purchased a beautiful piece of grass fed beef eye fillet and started small with an 80g piece for my first meal. I took both the digestive enzymes and Bile Acid Factors but now find that l don’t need the digestive enzymes.

2014-11-12 17.02.30

Premium quality grass fed beef eye fillet.

2014-11-13 16.18.07

This piece was just under $30 and l had 10 meals from it. I sliced it when fresh and then froze the pieces individually wrapped.

2014-11-12 17.08.05

I gently fried it in coconut oil on a low heat.

2014-11-12 17.27.37

I served the beef with a lovely salad, sweet potato chips and cold pressed oil.

Since this first meal l have made the effort to eat beef every week and at the start it was just once a week and now twice a week. I have branched out to have a roast and beef ribs and am finding that my body is getting used to digesting small serves of this meat. I am still having the iron supplement each day, but know that the red meat is the best source of iron for my body and that it does take some time for the iron stores in the body to increase, especially for women who are prone to heavy menstruation.

2014-11-17 19.06.34

Grass fed beef eye fillet with salad and beetroot chips.

You need to find a supplier you can trust when purchasing your meat. You wont find a lot of grass fed meat at the supermarkets and l go to a local butcher who only supplies the best local produce.

2014-11-26 16.09.07

Clearly labelled as grass fed beef.

Why do l want to eat grass fed beef? 

I want to eat the best meat for my body, raised the way nature intended, high in health omega 3 fatty acids and free of antibiotics and other chemicals which will harm my body. Here is a link l found which explains it well.

2014-11-26 18.53.59

Delicious grass fed beef roast

2014-11-26 19.09.06

Served with beautiful roasted vegetables and cold pressed oil.

The beef eye fillet is a beautiful meat and economical if you keep the portion sizes under 100g.

2014-12-03 18.49.23

Grass fed beef eye fillet served with vegetables.

The beef ribs are a new addition to my diet and were slow cooked with the meat falling off the bone which helped me to digest them.

2014-12-05 19.14.37

Served with parsnip chips,boiled egg, salad & cold pressed oil.

Grass fed Beef back straps are a meat l have never eaten in my whole life. I saw them at the butcher and decided to give them a go. They would be excellent in a stir fry but l decided to make schnitzel out of them.

2014-12-06 18.36.35

Such a clean looking meat.

I cut each back strap into three pieces and prepared them for frying:

1/ Coat each piece in a mix of coconut and buckwheat flour.

2/ Dip in a mix of eggs, pink rock salt and black pepper

3/ Coat in a mix of shredded coconut, blanched almond meal and chopped flat leaf parsley if you have it or a spice such as cumin.

2014-12-06 18.57.50

Gently fry using a healthy oil. I used a mix of extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. 

2014-12-06 19.10.30

Cook gently until golden.

Serve with your favourite salad or vegetables. I fed a family of two adults and three children with just two back straps.

2014-12-06 19.16.21

Served with salad and swede chips. 

It is exciting to have beef back on the menu. Buying locally grown grass fed beef has made the mental challenge of eating it again that bit easier. I eat the meat mindfully and appreciate that an animal has lost its life so l can eat the meat. A small serve is all that is needed as most of the plate should be healthy vegetables and added healthy fats such as cold pressed oils. Sometimes what we want isn’t what is best for our bodies and we need to reflect on our habits and decide whether we are willing to make the necessary changes.

Food for thought! 


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