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A unique program introducing you to the Paleo diet and Primal Living in a Modern World where you will learn the tools to get stronger, leaner, fitter, increase your energy levels and make positive lifestyle changes. Based on The Primal Blueprint Program ( with many other Paleo, Holistic and Wellness resources incorporated. 

Course Dates: Saturday’s 2pm to 4.30pm at the Aspendale Gardens Community Centre, Kearney Drive, Aspendale Gardens.

18th July (Introduction), 25th July (Nutrition), 1st August (Nutrition), 8th August (Nutrition), 29th August (Fitness) and 12th September (The other life and wellness elements).

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Your Coach: Carolyn Gray           Primal BluePrint Certified Expert, Registered Teacher & Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach

      Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coaching ABN: 3610137629733

Primal BluePrint Expert Certification: The Primal BluePrint (USA), Adv Cert Nutritional Counselling: Health Academy Australia, Master of Teaching (Distinction):Charles Sturt University, GradDip (Women’s Health): Melb University, GradDip (Health Promotion):Latrobe University, BSc:Monash University(Biochem & Immunology). Memberships: International Institute for Complimentary Therapists and The Victorian Institute of Teaching.

The program covers Nutrition, sleep, relaxation, fitness and will provide you with all the resources required to make the change from being a sugar burner dependent on carbohydrates for energy to being a fat burner with the tools to avoid many of the degenerative diseases plaguing modern society.


Primal BluePrint Food Pyramid

Sessions will focus on Primal nutrition, the Science behind the Paleo diet, Eating clean, reducing your disease risk, cleaning out and restocking your fridge and pantry, local and online resources, Paleo meals and treats, meal planning and ways to improve your fitness by exercising to suit your genetic makeup. See further down for the full course outline.


Achieve your body composition goals by monitoring your Carbohydrate intake.

This is a lower carbohydrate, high healthy fat, moderate protein Nutrition Program where included foods are an abundance of vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, good quality meats and fruit in moderation. The sessions are information based and l will bring in a Paleo treat for each session to share, examples of Paleo friendly products and foods, with plenty of tips on how to transition successfully to this lifestyle and way of living. Limited to 20 participants.


Change the way you exercise and rid your life of Chronic Cardio.

Cost is $275 or $225 each for you and a friend.

Email inquiries and registration can be made to Carolyn at When you register l will send you the course outline as a word document and a registration form to complete. You will have the opportunity at this point to mention any specific topics that you would like addressed in the course and l will do my best to accommodate you.


$275 for six sessions

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$225 for six sessions (Each for you and a friend).

Session Dates and content:

As well as the topics below, each week depending on the time left in the session we will review a food Preparation topic from the following (this list may be added to): Egg dishes, salads, main meals, cakes, smoothies and juices, treats/desserts, drinks, pancakes, vegetable garden. (The content below is subject to change). Discussed in all sessions: Primal meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks)

18th July-Week 1

Welcome, Primal terms, Course Summary, My wellness story (summary), Mark Sisson and The Primal BluePrint (summary). What is health? Summary of the Primal BluePrint from a holistic and practical perspective i.e. Food Pyramid, Fitness Pyramid,  8 Key Concepts, 5 Action Items, The 10 LAWS, The Carbohydrate Curve. Weight loss and fitness myths. Adipose tissue and visceral fat. Basic premise: Insulin reducing diet, lifestyle to promote longevity, reduce disease risk, promote positive genetic expression, burn fat rather than carbohydrates, eliminate chronic exercise, slow life down. Transitioning to a Primal diet and lifestyle (100% compliance or 80/20 goal). Intuitive Eating. Food as Medicine reflective questions. Our Homosapien history, Timeline, Selection Pressure, Evolution and Genetic Drift, SNP’s, Genetics (Genome, Phenome, Epigenetics), Homeostasis, Your body composition success is 80% Nutrition, Inflammation, Oxidation, Free radicals. Autoimmune Diseases. What are they? Risk factors and predispositions. Gluconeogenesis, Ketosis, An example of a Paleo versus SAD diet Macronutrient comparison. The Primal BluePrint Carbohydrate Curve and the Primal BluePrint 21 Day Total Body Transformation (sugar burner to fat burner). Fuel partitioning.

Handouts: List of the best Paleo/Primal websites and blogs, Paleo shopping list/pantry list, Oxidation, Inflammation and Free Radicals, Guide to oils and fats,  Autoimmune Diseases

Homework activity: Check out some of the Paleo/Primal websites and blogs on the handout sheet and sign up to follow one or more of them by email. Download MyFitness Pal App and experiment with it. Go through your pantry and fridge and try to clear it of non Paleo foods as per the handout sheet. Pick an item to bring in from your pantry that you think is o.k to eat but you are not sure. We will discuss it as a group.

25th July-Week 2

Review basics of Nutrition (Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats), Digestion, The Digestive System, Accessory Organs. Explanations of Sugar, Starch, Glucose, Glycogen, Insulin, Insulin resistance, Leptin and Leptin resistance. Metabolic Disease. Diabetes. Autoimmune Diseases: Risk factors and early warning signs. MTHFR gene mutation. Telomeres. Review of Primal Nutrition in detail: What is included, what is excluded, sometimes foods. Review the Primal BluePrint Food Pyramid. Include: Nightshades, alcohol, herbs and spices. Review of Primal Nutrition-Questions from last week. Further exploration. Vegetables in detail. Gluten free foods, spices, flours, Supplements, Seasonings. Primal approved vegetables in detail. Plantains. Wahl’s protocol. Natural Sweeteners. Legumes and Pseudograins. Fibre intake. Useful measurements: Scales, BMI, waist circumference, body type. Glycaemic Index. Calculating daily Macro Nutrient intake. Discuss the Carbohydrate Curve and goal of 150g limit per day of healthy Carbohydrates. Your individual body composition goals. Your genetic makeup and predispositions. Your blood type (Blood type diet). Fats:Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio, inflammation and the role of fat in the body. Fat Biochemistry. Tips when introducing. Thermic effect of food. Make the healthiest choices across the food spectrum. Eg: healthiest nuts, oils, meats. Reflective questions: Why do you overeat? What influences your food choices? Managing stress without food. Getting set up at home (Pantry cleanout, stocking the fridge, places to source food and resources- local/online). Learning to cook paleo/primal foods.

Handout: Gluten list, Sweetener Summary,  AutoImmune Illnesses, Body Image,  DIY Almond Milk, Fat Biochemistry,  Glycaemic Index,  MTHFR, Omega 6 Content of Nuts, Gluten Free Flours, Fructose Content of Fruit, Vegetable Noodles

Homework Activity: Start cleaning up your diet. This week focus on removing foods which are highly processed, chemical laden & high in sugar. Pick an item to bring in that was/is your favourite packaged snack and we will discuss as a group.

1st August-Week 3

JERF. Fortified Foods. Folic acid and Vitamin B12 Deficiency. Protein intake: Workout lean body mass and activity level. Discuss the role of gluconeogenesis. Discuss Kilojoules/Calories. Requirement for average person/weight loss. All calories are not equal. Hidden sources of sugar. Metabolism. Gut Health: Leaky Gut, IBS, GERD, Diseases of. Fibre intake. Soluble and insoluble. Resistant Starch. White Rice (Pro’s and Con’s). Adrenal fatigue,  Mitochondrial function. Anxiety (my experience). Glycation: Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE’s). Reading food labels. Fact or fiction. Reality or deception. The Chemical Maze book. Food colourings. Health Food Shops. The food we eat (Soil depletion, nutrient composition, salicylates, chemicals, toxins-preservatives, colours, flavours, additives), Dairy, Soy, GMO and Hybrid foods. Plastic (BPA) and xeneostrogens. Our drinking water. Diet soft drink. Fruit Juice. Artificial Sweeteners. Anti-nutrients (Phytates, Lectins, oxalates and mold). Why are they there and how to remove them. Detox your body. Heavy metals. Superfoods and other pantry staples: Green powders, Chia seeds, Apple Cider Vinegar. Sea Vegetables. All things Coconut. Cooking to retain nutrients.  Microwave ovens. My Diet: the transition to Paleo. Eating a highfat diet without a gallbladder. Sourcing the best food. Eating organ meats. Cooking for health ie Fermented foods/gut health. Kombucha, Bone broths, Activating your nuts and seeds. Probiotics and resistant starch. The GUT: The Second Brain. Smoothies and juices. Don’t drink your calories. Raw Food: David Wolfe. Accommodating food intolerances and allergies. What is the difference. Dr Perlmutter.

Handouts: Antinutrients, Carbohydrates in fruit, Folic Acid, Food Additives, Food Labels, Herbal Tea, Liver Detoxification Pathways, Mitochondrial Function, Oats, White Potatoes and Protein Content of Foods.

Homework: Try to start having one low carbohydrate, moderate protein, high fat meal per day or more if you can manage it. View my website, Facebook and Instagram to get ideas. See if you can adapt an old favourite to make it healthier as per the Primal guidelines. Share your ideas at the next session. Start thinking about your support network. Who or what is in your life that can help support you as you make these life changes? Research a meal or recipe that is specifically Paleo and make it. Take a picture to share with the group next session.

8th August-Week 4

Are you a Biohacker? Orthorexia. Getting to know your kitchen. Kitchen essentials: food processor, spiralizer, fry pan. Food storage: The pros and cons of freezing food. Learning how to cook again. Transition from SAD to Primal cooking. Setting up a vegetable garden. No dig method. Eating seasonally. Feeding the family (including those where not all members eat primally). Eating Primally on a budget, Meal planning (Prep days). Eating when you are not at home: Eating out at restaurants, take away options, taking lunch to work, gatherings, parties, travelling on a long car trip and holidays. Handling a life crisis or stressful event while making these changes. Self Care. Why aren’t l losing weight on a Paleo diet? Am l addicted to sugar? Why? What influences our food choices in detail? Why do you overeat and make poor food choices?Trying new foods. Expanding your food choices. Maintaining motivation and supporting long term compliance. Support people, negative people, you! Temptations, weak moments, bingeing. Eating to Satiety. Hunger signals. Cheat meals. Short and long term goals.  Handouts: Reasons you are not losing weight, Tips for eating on a budget, Tips for eating out, at celebrations or on the go.

Homework: Continue to make small changes to your diet. Document one success and one challenge to share. Write a reflection on a time in the next few weeks when you have eaten out, when away or at a party or gathering and how you managed (One paragraph) The next session will focus on Fitness and exercise. Write one or two fitness goals to share. E.g Build upper body strength, improve muscle tone, be able to participate in organised sport.

29th August-Week 5

Movement versus Workout Mentality. Primal Exercise Guidelines. What is fitness? What is exercise? What is Chronic Cardio? Chronic Cardio (fitness doesn’t equal health), general movement, heavy lifting, Interval training, sprints. Fat burning and exercise. Movnat, Facebook Groups. Daniel Vitalis. Discuss: Exercise within our comfort zone, consider physical limitations, have a fitness buddy, seek the advice of a personal trainer, fitness equipment at home, gym, cross fit & play. Review Primal BluePrint 90 Day journal. Food for fitness including Protein intake. Protein drinks-Whey Protein. Primal Essential Movements. Review the different levels from beginner to Expert plus some Darryl Edwards exercises. Recovering from workouts (sleep, light jog/walk, cold water, compression clothes, self massage, play/fun). Aerobic heart rate zone, Maximum heart rate calculation, Heart Rate Variability, Autonomic Sympathetic & Parasympathetic nervous system systems, Adrenal fatigue, Cortisol, Adaptive hormones. Are you fit? Primal Blueprint fitness tests. Paleo Fx Fit test. Primal BluePrint Resources: 90 day Journal, Poster, Internet sites, books. Foam rolling. Ketosis, ketones, ketonix. Intermittent fasting (Variations for females and males). Our body prefers burning fat over Carbohydrates review. Paleo resources: Books (Information & Cooking), Internet (Websites for information, recipes & blogs), YouTube podcasts

Handout: List of resources, Exercise/Activity log

Homework: Create a fitness goal and action plan. Record your exercise for the week on the handout. Listen to a podcast on the internet or YouTube. Prepare to share your review of it with the class. Do something fun during the week ie play with the kids, join a group, go for a walk with a friend. Who inspires you and why. Have a think about the role models in your life. Do you have lifelong ones or are they changing as you get older. Prepare to share at the final class.

12th September-Week 6

Review of the 10 Primal BluePrint LAWS that we haven’t covered. Sleep, relaxation, life balance, avoid poisonous things, play, sunlight, avoid stupid mistakes, use your brain. Toxins: Mercury, air filter, Salt Lamp, Amalgum fillings, Molds. Discuss: Grounding, technology (amber glasses), meal size at night, negative ions, mindfulness and gratitude. Review: How much sugar are we still eating! Hidden sources. Challenges uncovered so far. Other Paleo Protocols: Autoimmune, Whole 30. Resource: Amy Myers, Sarah Ballantyne. Wellness: What is it? How is it defined? How do we achieve it in a modern world? Self Care. The books/role models that inspired and supported my wellness Journey. Resources: Wellness wheel, Iceberg Model of Health, Illness-Wellness Continuum. Review leftover meal topics from above. Primal Living Pop Quiz with Prizes! Where to now. How to progress long term. Your journey and needs will change over time. Review stories of achievement from the course.


Carolyn Gray is not a doctor, and does not offer medical advice. The intention is to encourage and educate people in the benefits of following Paleo Nutrition and Primal Living and to share recipes, wellness tips and personal experiences. The Information provided by Carolyn Gray is not medical advice and does not replace the advice given by a certified medical practitioner or certified health professional. Please refer to your doctor if you have a medical condition and consult your doctor before making any dietary, exercise or lifestyle changes as discussed and presented in the Primal Living Lifestyle Program. Understand that the information provided is educational in nature and that the Primal Living Lifestyle Program is offered with the understanding that Carolyn Gray is not engaged in rendering medical advice, but rather the information is provided as general advice. Always consult your physician/health care professional before taking any action.
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