Healing with food: Podcast

What is it like to talk about your health journey in an interview? It was a great honour to be asked by the creators of the Health Champions in Action Podcast: Mandy Mercuri and Carole Staveley. The weeks leading up to it were quite nerve wracking and then once the interview started l really couldn’t stop talking and now l feel a great sense of relief that it has been recorded. I hope that if you listen to it you can benefit from my experiences, especially of the enormous impact which anxiety can have on wellbeing.

The desire to find a diagnosis or cause of such chronic illness can literally be the cause of symptoms as well so to finally be at peace with myself and to be feeling so well is really quite remarkable. I used to feel attached to the anxiety but as my body has gotten stronger and more resilient l am finding that l identify with it less and less. A new person is being born and a new life. There has been an adjustment period of leaving illness behind and welcoming wellness which is a wonderful feeling. Having a diagnosis of Pyroluria was absolutely life changing 2.5 years ago and l hope my story supports those of you who are also struggling.

Thank you to the two lovely women who interviewed me. They are both so inspiring and have amazing stories of their own and we should be thankful that there are people willing to share their own journeys and be wellness advocates.

web image 1

A personal account of my Wellness Journey.


Please let me know what you think once you have listened. There was so much to tell and probably a lot more if the time had allowed. 


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