The Wellness Buzz Podcast

Did you all know that l have launched a new Wellness Podcast. It is so exciting and l am proud to say that it has featured in the New and Noteworthy area of several of the Health categories on iTunes for several weeks now. 1500 photoThe launch of this podcast radio show is the next phase in my Wellness Career and l have actually been very enthusiastic and recorded a whopping 14 episodes so far. Most of these have been just with myself exploring topics which l am passionate about, but the other four have been interviews with the most incredible people.

These are the links for you to listen and l would really appreciate a review and rating on iTunes to help my Podcast get a bigger audience.

podcaststitcher1500 photoI am really developing some great skills doing these podcasts and meeting some excellent people. The interviews l have conducted so far are:


Functional Medicine with Dr. Al Danenberg who shares his own Wellness journey after a stroke. Central to his improved health is Ancestral Nutrition which he has fully embraced and has incorporated into his Periodontal Practice based in Charleston, South Carolina.

jo fifefighter

Pain Management and Mindful Living with Jo Belton an ex-fire fighter from California who suffered a work injury and has since retired from the job she loved. Jo shares her Pain Management strategies and so much more in this incredible interview.

mandy photo

Self Pain Management Advocate Mandy Mercuri shares her journey with Scoliosis and provides so many tips to deal with the daily pain without taking Pain Medications. Mindfulness, Resilience and Motivation are at the core of Mandy’s amazing message.


Wellness Mentor Daniella Hogarth shares her incredible journey of Post Natal Depression and how she has not taken any medications for the past 6 months. Eating a plant based Paleo diet, living mindfully and calling on inner resources, this very spiritual person teaches us about inner strength and mindful living.

These four interviews are so interesting and the discussions l have had with just myself include:

food as medicine

Food as Medicine Introduction is a first episode talking through the foundations of a Food as Medicine lifestyle and kitchen.


My journey with Pyroluria, the genetic blood disorder which wreaked havoc on my Immune, Digestive and mental health.


A tour of my Paleo Kitchen.


Caring for a sick child (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia).

There are also episodes talking about life after chronic illness, the two Wellness Seminars l have conducted so far plus a great episode on Motivation and Goal achievement.

I really hope you enjoy my Podcast and would appreciate it if you could share it with just one person. Please leave me some feedback and make recommendations for future shows.

froothie 9400

My favourite high speed blender.


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