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Start your wholefoods journey with these introductory sessions. As a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach l will teach you the basics of home cooking and how eating a whole foods based diet can contribute positively to your health and wellbeing.

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The foundations of ‘Food as Medicine’ is eating S.L.O.W (Seasonal, Local, Organic and Whole). The term ‘Food as medicine’ comes from Hippocrates several thousand years ago: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”This series of workshops will teach you the basics of eating whole foods, where to source them, budgeting, meal planning, buying in bulk and how to cook with ingredients that you may not have used previously. Register now and secure your spot. Each session will feature and informative talk with a Powerpoint slide presentation, a food demonstration and meal/recipe tips. There will also be one Paleo treat to sample which will be delicious as treats are my specialty.

Workshop 1: 24th October- Weightloss with Wholefoods

Learn some tips to help you achieve your desired weightloss goals. It is a challenge to maintain our ideal weight as we age and this course will help you to shift those kilos in a healthy way, especially the last few which don’t want to move. As a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert l will share with you the knowledge that l have which has also supported my own issues with managing weight and sugar cravings. It is a lot to cover in 2.5 hours but l will go over the major points to get you started or to re-motivate you.

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I have had issues with my weight. Only now am l free of the inner turmoil that plagued me for so long. Eating a whole foods based diet, exercising less and trying to have a more balanced life have all supported me achieving my desired weight and body composition.

Workshop 2: 7th November- Food as Medicine

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The healing diet that has supported my own Wellness journey.

An introduction to the topic of ‘Food as Medicine’. Why do we need to eat whole foods? What foods do we need to avoid to improve our health and why? What do l need to remove from my pantry and what do l cook with instead? Meal preparation, budgeting, sourcing the best foods, kitchen appliances, eating clean, mindful eating, reduce the sugar cravings and learn the basics of home cooking.

The session will cover a selection of main meals, the ingredients, variations to satisfy those family members who are picky eaters or who have food intolerances. Buying in bulk, managing the shopping, feeding the family, meal presentation, using your freezer wisely, ways to be creative with whole foods as examples will be discussed during the session. We will also explore the incredible world of treats, snacks and desserts using natural and whole ingredients. You can view these on my website at under Paleo treats, Baking and the Dessert sections.

Workshop 3: 28th November- Healthy Gluten Free

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Why eat a gluten free diet if it isn’t healthy? The point of eating gluten free is to support your wellness and to feel amazing. Learn the tips to living this way day to day and what other foods also should be excluded to support good gut health.

Eat a healthy whole foods based gluten free diet. Avoid the pitfalls of going gluten free.

All sessions are based on a Food as Medicine approach. Please contact me should you have any questions at or call on 0419139755. Book your spot now as my current FAM course has been a spectacular success.  Payment can be made via bank transfer prior to the course or before the session commences with a cheque made out to Carolyn Gray or the exact cash. Please arrive early if this is your preference as the session will start right on time. If you have paid for the three sessions and are unable to attend one or all of them you are welcome to send another person in your place as no refunds will be given. 

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Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coaching ABN: 3610137629733

Bachelor of Psychological Science (UNE-current), Primal BluePrint Expert Certification: The Primal BluePrint (USA), Adv Cert Nutritional Counselling: Health Academy Australia, Master of Teaching (Distinction):Charles Sturt University, GradDip (Women’s Health): Melb University, GradDip (Health Promotion):Latrobe University, BSc:Monash University(Biochem & Immunology)


Carolyn Gray is not a doctor, and does not offer medical advice. The intention is to encourage and educate people in the benefits of eating whole foods and to share recipes, wellness tips and personal experiences. The Information provided by Carolyn Gray is not medical advice and does not replace the advice given by a certified medical practitioner or certified health professional. Please refer to your doctor if you have a medical condition and consult your doctor before making any dietary, exercise or lifestyle changes as discussed and presented in the Food as Medicine Workshops. Understand that the information provided is educational in nature and that the Food as Medicine Workshops are offered with the understanding that Carolyn Gray is not engaged in rendering medical advice, but rather the information is provided as general advice. Always consult your physician/health care professional before taking any action.

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