Paleo Nutrition and Wellness Consultations

Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coaching   

Supporting you to achieve your Nutrition and Wellness Goals. Be the best version of you! Aim high, set goals, have a positive mindset and live the life you deserve. 


To everyone following this blog, l am now offering individual coaching for you, your family or friends. I have a great passion for Paleo Nutrition and Wellness and am an expert in Paleo Nutrition with a recipe recently featured in the Paleo Magazine 2015 Holiday Cookbook (USA).

2015-12-01 16.50.38

My recipe for Pumpkin Seed Bread is on this Website under baking.

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Consultations are available via email, skype and telephone with in person options available.

With a focus on Wellness, Food as Medicine and a whole of life approach l am ideally placed to support you with the previous experience of my own health journey and weightloss challenges enabling me to understand the realities of everyday life. Please share this post with anyone who may be interested so that they may benefit from my holistic approach and very specific expertise in Paleo Nutrition as a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert.

2014-10-27 12.29.34

One of the few Primal Blueprint Certified Experts in Australia

I have many resources to support you including this website, my Instagram at holistic_paleo, Facebook Pages (Gluten Free Central, Holistic Wellness For Life and Primal Living Melbourne) and Wellness Podcast (The Wellness Buzz Podcast available on iTunes).

Special Interests: Paleo Nutrition, Food as Medicine, Fitness, Goal setting (life and wellness goals), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Weightloss, budgeting, and meal planning (pantry and fridge organisation). Initial inquiries via email: or call me for a free 5 minute chat on Mobile: 0419139755.

2014-04-20 14.57.09

Carolyn Gray ABN: 3610137629733

I offer individual coaching services to support you on your own Wellness journey.  I aim to make a positive contribution to the achievement of your goals with a focus mostly on enhancing your nutrition coupled with adaptations to sleep, exercise, relaxation, stress management and life balance. I have had my own personal health challenges and have recovered from chronic illness, lost excess weight, reduced anxiety and now have the energy to achieve life goals and live life to the full.


At a low point in my life and not knowing where to turn.

My nutrition coaching strategy is centred around the Paleo diet and Primal lifestyle. Central is eating real whole foods with a focus on S.L.O.W (seasonal, local, organic and whole), meals that are cleaner and simpler and a personalised approach. I support a Food as Medicine philosophy and can answer the questions you have about this and support you in making the changes to achieve your wellness goals and improved health.

2015-12-14 20.14.06

A healthy chicken schnitzel with salad and sweet potato noodles.

I recommend an initial series of three consultations with the first one reviewing the completed ‘Client Questionnaire’ and ‘Food & Activity Diary’. I will be able to make recommendations as to how you can slowly work towards achieving your nutritional and life goals and in the following sessions the focus will be on on creating a plan to support your long term success, answering the many questions you will have and recommending appropriate resources to increase your knowledge base or to source products.

2015-05-10 15.35.54

I am a picture of health these days and this picture is with my Mum who is well into her 80’s. She has many health problems and l am living this way to support a healthier old age.

The dietary recommendations incorporate your own personal desires and health situation but will have a focus on eliminating all refined foods, most grains, especially those that contain gluten and genetically modified foods. I will encourage you to include in your diet grass fed and free range meats, eggs and healthy fats such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, macadamia nuts and avocados. There will be a focus on reducing sugar intake in all of its forms which will over time involve decreasing your carbohydrate intake and increasing the sources of good fats and protein. An abundance of fresh vegetables will form the bulk of your dietary intake and l can recommend many wonderful juice and smoothie combinations.

2015-05-23 09.53.24

A delicious raw dessert. A whole new world of food awaits you.

We can focus on pantry and fridge organisation, recipe ideas, snacks, everyday challenges that will come up and all within a mindset that will support long term change. There are many wonderful online resources which l can direct you to in addition to my own and l can offer lots of tips in managing day to day issues that will arise.

2015-12-19 19.02.27

It is simply eating real food. A clean eating and whole foods based approach.

My coaching style is based on supporting you and therefore the use of the session time is mostly decided upon by you so that we focus on individual needs. As a holistic Practitioner l will encourage you to review all aspects of your life to support Wellness and work with Acceptance and Commitment therapy ideals which has at its core your values.

2015-11-20 18.26.41

Home made gluten and dairy free cakes are my specialty.

There is also a life coaching element to my sessions with a focus on short and long term goals. Your motivation, resources and personal needs will form the basis of all sessions and further sessions may be required to support you over the long term.

Feel free to call on 0419139755 and have a 5 minute chat before booking in for an initial appointment or email me on so we can establish if l am the best Practitioner to consult with. I offer skype, telephone, email and in person consultations to support you in addressing your dietary and lifestyle changes. I look forward to working with you, supporting, encouraging and motivating you on the life changes you would like to make.


Please contact me should you have any questions. Best wishes. Carolyn

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Consultations are available via email, skype and telephone with in person options available.

Email, Skype and Telephone Consultations can be booked for anyone Worldwide and in person appointments can be made for those living locally in the Melbourne area.

Consultation Inquiry:

If you would like a consultation please send me an email at with your inquiry or call on 0419139755. If you would like to proceed l will forward you via email the following:

1. Welcome letter from me outlining my services

2. Client questionnaire

3. Food and Activity Diary

4. Self Measurement instruction sheet for measuring your waist

5. Paleo Food Pyramid and information

On review of these documents, if you think my services will be of benefit to you, please make the appropriate payment via Paypal and send me back the completed documents via email. I will acknowledge that l have received the information and will aim to get a detailed response back to you within one weeks time.

Fees Summary:

Initial Email, Skype or Telephone Consultation: $120

Review Email or Skype Consultation: $90

Package of Email/Skype Consultations: $300

Payment for online consultations is only accepted via Paypal

Local Clients:

Initial 50 min Consultation only: $85 (mobile in-home visit $95)

Review 30 min appointment only: $40 (mobile in-home visit $50)

Pantry or fridge assessment (1 hr in-home visit): $100

paypal verified

Initial Email Consultation

This is $120 and includes:

buy now

On return of the documents via email l will generate an extensive response which may include dietary changes based on a Paleo eating approach unless you specify otherwise. Additionally l may recommend lifestyle changes, resources such as books and websites and ask further questions. The consultation fee will include five further emails from you to me with responses over the next month in which time you can begin to make the recommended lifestyle changes and use the emails to seek support and clarification. I may email you after receiving the forms for clarification and this would be in addition to the 5 included emails.

Further consultation beyond this will require payment for a review consultation fee.

Review Email or Skype Consultation

This is $90 and includes:

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Five email questions from you and five responses from me. This may include further meal plans, suggestions for lifestyle changes, ideas for extra support in your life, ways to achieve life goals as examples. This is valid for one month.

Package of Email/Skype Consultations

This is $300 and includes:

buy now

The initial email response following receipt of the forms, a 60 minute telephone or skype consultation and 15 email questions from you with responses from me over a 3 month period. I may email you after receiving the forms for clarification, but this would be in addition to the included emails. An additional Skype or Telephone consultation can be added in here for further support (see fee for review consultation).

Initial Skype or telephone Consultation

This is $120 and includes:

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A 60 minute telephone or Skype Consultation followed by 5 follow up emails where you can email me 5 times and l will respond each time with a detailed response.

Consultations for Melbourne based clients (Bayside): Mobile service offered within Bayside area. 

Initial Appointment (50 mins): $85 ($95 for mobile service) Includes pre-assessment of questionnaire and food/lifestyle diary prior to the appointment.

Prior to the appointment l will email you a Client questionnaire and 7 day food and lifestyle diary sheet. These need to be emailed back before the first appointment so that l can assess them. At the first appointment l will review your current food intake, discuss changes that you would like to make which suit your life, help you to create short and long term goals and share relevant resources with you. To obtain the pre-appointment forms please email me at .

Follow up appointment (30 mins) $40 ($50 for mobile service) This could be weekly or fortnightly to start and then progress to monthly as you become more confident with the lifestyle changes.

Pantry or Fridge Assessment (1 hr) $100 I will come to your home and advise you on items that you can store, give away or throw out. We can also look at ways to make your pantry and fridge more organised. This is following the initial appointment.

Payment by cash or cheque at the time of appointment. No Health Insurance Rebates are available at this time.

Please share my details with those people who may be interested in my services. Feel free to contact me if you are unsure if now is the right time for you to make these changes in your life. 


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