Paleo Cookbooks

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These are both really good additions to your cook book library and focus on the Paleo diet and lifestyle. Both are written by people who are very supportive of the Paleo diet and how it can be incorporated into our everyday modern busy lives.

Well Fed introduces us to the Paleo diet and which foods are included and those that are not. There are lots of hints and tips and the author shares her Paleo journey with us. This book has an interesting lay out that takes some getting used to but once l got used to the way it was set out it was easy to follow with lots of information on pantry and kitchen essentials. Well Fed has some very exotic recipes and offers alternatives to some popular take away foods minus the grains of course.

Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook also introduces us to the author and her family and takes us on her Paleo Journey. There is an explanation of the basics of Paleo and a basic food guide of what food should be included in a Paleo diet. The recipes are great with so much variety and there is a great section for home made sauces and dressings.

Although these two cookbooks centre on the same theme of the Paleo diet, they are very different and both offer lifestyle and cooking tips that are very useful and helpful if you are just starting out or are exploring this diet. There is a focus on meat in many of the recipes, especially ground mince. If you are a meat lover this will suit you, but if you eat a more plant based diet such as myself then the recipes can be adapted to suit your tastes.


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