Food philosophy

It is all about the food choices you make. I have seen the word SLOW used to describe a food philosophy that is something l am working towards and it stands for Seasonal, local, organic and whole. This will mean different things to people depending on where you live, the resources you have available, your attitude to food, your nutrition knowledge and what part of the wellness journey you are on. I would think about this approach and reflect on it. Every piece of food that goes into your mouth should be adding something good to your body. Over time as our nutritional knowledge develops we realise that what we have been eating is having a negative influence on our wellbeing. The SLOW philosophy is also about lifestyle and trying to have some down time in your life. A good place to start is to grow your own vegetables as this gets you involved in food production and hopefully an appreciation of how good real food can taste. I translate the food as medicine approach as involving a loving appreciation of the food we are preparing, understanding where it has come from, the goodness it will provide our bodies and how we are investing in our own health by making good food choices.


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