Love, Medicine and Miracles: Bernie Siegel

This is a very challenging book to read, unless you are one of those people who don’t find the concept of death confronting. It is basically a book about how people deal with a cancer diagnosis, but if you can get past that it is the most wonderful and empowering book. The first part of the book considers why Dr’s act in such a disengaged way with patients and how often they are just like mechanics working on a car. Bernie Siegel is a surgeon who was just like that and became disallusioned with the whole system and decided he wanted to engage with his patients. He started a group at night where patients could talk about their health problems and the whole area of medical miracles emerged in the book and is a dominant theme.The other area discussed and explored is people who are medically intuitive and who can intuitively diagnose the illness a person has. I asked my local GP if he believes in medical miracles and he said he does, but not for most people. The book is an amazing journey and if you can make it past the first few chapters a really rewarding one.


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