My Paleo Journey

I wholeheartedly believe that the Paleo diet is one of abundance, it can be healing if well managed and is the diet that supports our genetic makeup. Several years ago l became very unwell with an emergency gallbladder removal  required. On reflection it was no surprise that l was so sick as the ten years prior l had experienced so many health issues. I thought l led a very healthy life exercising on my treadmill each day or going for long walks with the children. I followed the recommended dietary guidelines and filled my diet with healthy grains at every meal. Following the gallbladder removal l became very unwell with all aspects of GERD including bile and acid reflux, oesophageal spasms, nausea, digestive malabsorption and difficulty swallowing. I then went on a very low fat diet and upped my carbohydrate intake and developed a severe vitamin  B12 deficiency. I was on medicines to aid the reflux with Drs telling me l would be on these the rest of my life. I started to have side effects from the drugs such as terrible leg cramps, was concerned about long term bone loss and lost a lot of weight in a very short time. The Drs wanted to operate on my oesophagus and there were risks involved with doing this. All of the options presented to me addressed the symptoms and not the cause.

My whole life turned around when l adopted the Paleo diet in addition to appropriate vitamin supplementation from a holistic General Practitioner. It has now been 1 ½ years and l am feeling wonderful. I do not take any of the medicines prescribed by the mainstream Drs and did not require surgery. Not having a gallbladder has meant that l am not at this point eating red meat, but there are so many other wonderful foods to eat which l share on my Paleo and wellness website at  I have recently completed studies in Nutrition and now am half way through the Primal BluePrint Expert Certification. I realise that the Paleo diet alone is just one aspect of being healthy and am now focussing on adapting my exercise habits, sleep patterns and relaxation methods to further adapt my life to a primal lifestyle and therefore to support my wellness.

My website and other social media are resources that people can use to start their own wellness journey. I live what l practice and have now started a business as a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach. As a Holistic Practitioner l focus on my clients Nutritional needs, as well as all aspects of their life to support them achieving the desired life goals. I am also a Primary School Teacher and adopting the Paleo diet has completely changed the way l am relating to my students. When a child has behavioural issues as an example l consider their nutrition as a contributing factor to this and l have a vision that all parents could have the knowledge of how amazing the Paleo diet is for growing children.

I can’t compare my life now to how it was. Every bite of food l take supports my wellbeing. Meals are a joy and l prepare food for my family with love and care. Almost everything we eat l make from scratch using the best ingredients our family can afford. This is my gift to myself and the family and it is a lifestyle choice because l now know what it feels like to have a well functioning body. No more sugar cravings, loads of energy, great sleep, a better functioning digestive system, a purposeful life and a new appreciation of how food really is our medicine or our poison.

My Paleo journey has not been an easy one. I am the only person l know following this diet and it has been a challenging journey for my husband and three young children as they try their best to give up the foods that they are surrounded by in their lives outside of our home. I have educated myself and gone through a journey where l had to turn my back on mainstream medicine and the Recommended Dietary Guidelines whilst enduring some very uncomfortable and at times scary physical symptoms of illness. I had to draw on my inner strength and listen to my body as it was nourished by the natural goodness of the Paleo diet. There is no turning back for me now. I so clearly understand through my studies why a Paleo diet has helped my body to heal. I would like to share this knowledge and passion with others, but realise that there are many  people of influence challenging the diet and lifestyle at present.

There is a saying that l have used in my teaching but it is relevant here for those so vocally critising the diet:

I hear and l forget

I see and l remember

I do and l understand (Confucius)



Carolyn Gray

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