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A great group who completed the 2015 Paleo Nutrition and Primal Living Course.

Sally Harris (Completed the 12 week Paleo Nutrition and Primal Living Course: 2015):

Carolyn provided me with so much information throughout the 12 week Paleo Nutrition and Primal Living course. Carolyn taught this course with so much dedication and passion that gave me the motivation and support I needed to try out new ideas and approaches each week. This course not only covered primal living, it also taught me to look at health in a completely new way. The information that Carolyn gave me along with her willingness to share just what her journey has been like gave me a lot of inspiration. Carolyn is very involved with all of her students and has a beautiful nature! Her paleo treats are so delicious! It was sad to see the 12 weeks finish, but i I would recommend these courses to anyone who wants to take control of their health, and wants support along the way.
Thank you Carolyn.

Joy Walton (Completed the 12 week Paleo Nutrition and Primal Living Course: 2015):

Carolyn, thank you so much for 12 weeks of enlightening Saturday afternoons. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and have learnt a lot. I’m looking forward to reading quite a few of the books you’ve recommended too! Thanks too for all the yummy paleo treats – they certainly inspired me in the kitchen. I’m looking forward to a happier, healthier future.

Julie Cutting (Completed the 12 week Paleo Nutrition and Primal Living Course: 2015):

I would just like to thank you sincerely for my wonderful journey in learning all about Paleo Nutrition and Primal Living.  It has opened my eyes to a healthier alternative life style and given me the tools to achieve it.

Joletta Belton (Interviewed on The Wellness Buzz Podcast: July 2015)

So happy to have met you and I’m forever grateful to you for wanting to interview me! It was a lovely chat, I look forward to future discussions as we have a lot we can talk about!

Mandy Mercuri (Interviewed on The Wellness Buzz Podcast: July 2015)

I had a lovely chat with Carolyn Gray today from Holistic Wellness for Life talking about so many interesting pain self management topics that I am so passionate about.

Daniella Hogarth (Interviewed on The Wellness Buzz Podcast: July 2015)

Today was amazing! i really enjoyed it and i thought you were very
good at interviewing

Dr Al Danenberg (Interviewed on The Wellness Buzz Podcast: August 2015)

I thoroughly enjoyed our visit together. Thanks for the opportunity to be on your program.

2015-08-08 15.55.50

Food as Medicine Course 2015 (Three 2 hr sessions)

2015-08-22 16.04.35

Food as Medicine Course 2015


Damian Galbally: I really enjoyed the vision of meals that l could enjoy as a substitute for rice and pasta. Carolyn’s enthusiasm and personal story ensures that each session is meaningful.

Fiona Millar: I loved the quick-paced delivery of the session. Carolyn was full of passion and massive enthusiasm. As a presenter myself her session was brilliant. I learned a lot.

Marj Ryan: I found the session very interesting, informative and rewarding. Need to alter to a different mindset. Learning all the time.

Helen: Good ideas for meals. It made me think about what l was buying when l went shopping. Eat less white potato and more sweet potato.

Jacqui: Learning more about how food is medicine for our bodies was great in the first session. It was good to learn about what foods we should be eating. So many great ideas on what alternatives we can eat. Carolyn cooked up some delicious food for us to taste as well. Loved the mince and snacks.

Jenny: Loved hearing about all the things l should do and will try to do. Now could you please come to my hosue a couple of times a week and cook for me.

Jill Hamilton: Enjoyed different treats. Opened my eyes and mind to eating differently. I enjoyed cauliflower and spices cooked. It tasted like cous cous. Interesting aspects of where to source food stuffs from.

Domenica: Great recipe ideas

Damian Galbally: A great first overview that was stimulating and challenging. It made me think about my diet and eating regime. I would like to avoid the perils of the SAD diet.





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