The 20/20 Diet-Lola Berry

2013-09-20 12.53.14

This is the book that inspired my dietary changes. It was my bible for the first few months and l just keep going back to it because the diet really suits me. I am heading to the paleo type diet which Lola also embraces, but l really like that she still eats Buckwheat, Quinoa and a few legumes like chickpeas. It is like learning a new language in alot of ways, so the book requires a few reads to get your head around it. Over time as you move from a very mainstream diet based on wheat and carbs, you will start to embrace some of the terminology and will find yourself staring into the blank faces of your friends as you talk about activating your nuts. I think if you did want to lose 20 kilos as Lola did it has so many tips and will set you up for a long term dietary change. You need to be committed to stick to her diet though and do alot of food and meal planning. Lola has a very infectious personality and a fun way of writing that makes you feel like she is your friend. I feel very attached to this book as it has helped me to heal my digestive system. I would highly recommend it but be prepared to give up most grains, processed sugar and dairy.


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