A New Year. A fresh start.

A new year with so much potential.


We all start out thinking this year will be the one where the BIG changes are going to happen. The resolutions!, goals!, motivations! and positivity! are usually high at the start of the year. How do we maintain the goals throughout the year which can seem quite long as the months and season progress.


Some reflective questions!

Is your mindset focussed on success?

What’s your frame of mind?

How are you going to support the changes?

Are the resolutions and goals achievable?

Are there some smaller goals as well as larger ones?

Are these goals you have tried to achieve before but have not quite got there?

Have you changed your thinking or are you trying the same ways to change?

Are you really ready to make these changes?

Will you self sabotage your chances of achieving the goals?

Are there people around you that will support and encourage you?

Are you going to take it slow and steady or make some drastic changes all at once?

Are there both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for achieving the goals?

Will you be flexible if circumstances change during the year so that partially achieving or modifying a goal could be seen as a success.

Add some of these in to support yourself:

Positive self talk, daily affirmations, talking with a supportive friend, writing in a journal, planning the year on a calendar, revisiting the goals regularly and giving yourself a pat on the back as you go along.


A whole new year is in front of you. It is an amazing opportunity to enrich your life and work towards the person you want to be.

Let me know how you are going. It’s a journey for all of us.


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