It’s all about the food you eat

You are what you eat-literally. What are you putting in your mouth each day and more importantly, what aren’t you eating? I know a lot of people who eat one or two super foods and think that means they are eating healthy. What about all of the other non-living chemical filled, preservative, colour treated, fat laden and processed foods being eating on a daily basis. I believe that eating good quality foods, and not too much food is at the core of wellness. My journey began when l stopped eating wheat based products, processed sugar and dairy. From there it progressed to the low FODMAP diet where anything with high levels of FODMAPS was removed from my diet as well as anything high in salicylates and amines. If you have food intolerances you will know what l am talking about. Doing all of this got me out of the deep digestive disorder swamp l was in as it gave my body a break from having to work very hard processing so many different foods that l was sensitive to.  Having a taste of what wellness and feeling good felt like, motivated me further to exclude all gluten containing foods and grains, almost anything processed, all grain fed red meat and anything else l come across that upsets my wellbeing. Now l am so detoxed l am very sensitive to foods that my body is intolerant to. Recently l tried making home made sushi rolls and used brown rice and an organic sushi vinegar. I ate three for dinner and woke up the next day feeling like a had taken sleeping pills and was drugged. It was an awful feeling but a good lesson. The point is that you may have food sensitivities and not realise it. Cutting out a certain food group for several weeks can be a good place to start and there are many tests that can be done to determine conditions such as Coeliac Disease, Lactose or fructose intolerance or food allergies. Even if you don’t have these issues going back to the basics of eating real food which is sourced locally and cooked by you is a good place to start.


  • Plan ahead. Always have a snack in your bag or car. ie a banana, small bag of nuts, cut up orange, home made cookies or bar, orgran cruskits.
  • Sunday is my cooking day. I fill up the freezer with my snacks and try to make a few things for the week.
  • Keep the fridge full of healthy foods and get rid of any rubbish if you think you will be tempted. I live with three children and a husband who are not on my diet and l dont feel tempted at all. Wellness is too important to me.
  • Get some good cookbooks that reflect your new diet.
  • Everyday is a new day. If you have a bad day or even an hour, stick to your goals and look at the long term results you want to achieve.
  • Empower yourself with knowledge. I have really loved reading books, researching on the internet, listening to podcasts and finding holistic practitioners who can support my wellness journey.
  • Don’t have a break from your journey. Stick to your goals. The journey may change along the way but acknowledge that change is difficult and be prepared for a few challenging times.
  • You can’t achieve everything in one day. I have been on the new diet for none months now and it is evolving all of the time. I have had to learn how to cook with different foods, change my exercise routine, challenge the relationships in my life and try very hard to have balance in my life.
  • Take a trip to a local market. It is inspiring!
  • Get to know your kitchen. Organise it so it is easy to work in. I listen to health podcasts while l am cooking.
  • If your goal is to lose weight cut out everything processed, spend time preparing fresh wholesome meals for yourself and put some movement into your day.
  • Drink good quality water throughout the day. Tap water has many chemicals in it which are toxic to our bodies.
  • Buy some new kitchen appliances. Some suggestions are a juicer, food processor, hand held mixer or a dehydrator.
  • Dont buy anything that has more than a few ingredients on the label. If you dont recognise an ingredient, it probably isn’t healthy or go home and research it.
  • Avoid buying foods that have numbers listed on the back. These are the additives that may be making you feel sluggish and tired.

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