Wellness Workbook (Travis and Ryan)

Before wellness can be achieved or even a goal in your life, you need to have an understanding of what wellness is. The ‘Wellness Energy Wheel (John W. Travis, M.D)’ is a good tool that can be used to reflect on the different parts of your life that may be out of balance. It is based on the idea that as human beings we take in energy from all the sources around us and that the efficient flow of energy is essential for wellness. I think the Wheel is a good tool to reflect on parts of your life that are not being addressed, are not contributing to your wellness, need to be changed in some way or it may highlight something new that could be incorporated into your life.

personal wellness wheel                       2013-11-09 12.56.42

The Wellness Energy Wheel and further resources can be viewed at http://www.thewellspring.com/ and the originator of this website John W. Travis, M.D also has a wonderful book called ‘The Wellness Workbook (John W. Travis, M.D and Regina Sara Ryan, 3rd edition, 2004). This workbook is divided into Chapters with each devoted to a Wellness topic on the Energy wheel. If you are looking for a book with lots of information, exercises and opportunities for self-reflection then this would address those needs. You could view it as a course in wellness. 

I purchased this book online from http://www.bookdepository.co.uk for around $26 with free postage.


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