Recipes-main meals

I hope you enjoy the recipes l am adding to the site. I have taste tested them all and over time they change as l get more adventurous with the ingredients. I will often see a recipe in a book but there is usually an ingredient that l don’t eat so l have to adapt it. Mostly it works out but often it is trial and error. Having alot of food intolerances l need to eat food that is mostly in its natural state so my taste buds are used to quite plain food. I get excited about eating a sweet piece of pumpkin or sweet potato. I generally don’t eat grains, dairy or processed sugar and this is reflected in the recipes. I also steer clear of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, sulphites, nitrates and MSG. I occasionally use something out of a jar such as an organic pasta sauce but make sure that l recognize all of the ingredients on the label and use these items on an occasional basis only. I think as you eat a more healthy whole foods based diet you do notice quite quickly if you eat something that doesn’t agree with you, so it really needs to be a way of living and a way of life that you are committed to.


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Live & eat mindfully. Gluten & dairy free recipes.