Sardine and Vegetable bake!

A special treat for sardine lovers!

2014-05-24 18.22.41
The smell is delicious!

For some reason l had a craving for Sardines today and ideally l would have used fresh ones but l had a vision for this dish and had to make do with the canned version. I have seen a few different recipes recently that had eggs broken directly onto the dish and not beaten so l really wanted to try this. I had an idea of the flavours l wanted to use and this meal really came together as l searched through my fridge to see what was in there.

2014-05-24 17.40.13
Lots of colours and flavours

I diced a whole sweet potato and lightly steamed it until just soft.I placed this into the dish first of all and topped it with chopped bok choy, sliced spring onion tops (the green parts) and sliced baby Roma Tomatoes. I used two cans of Sardines in Spring Water and chopped them up and mixed through the dish.

2014-05-24 17.43.17
Space the eggs evenly through the dish

I placed 5 free range eggs into the mix and made sure they were spread evenly over the dish. I sprinkled a small handful of pumpkin seeds over the top and seasoned with ground black pepper and Pink Himalyan Crystal Salt. I covered the dish with foil and placed it in a 200 Degree Celsius oven and cooked it until the eggs were just cooked. I served this Sardine and Vegetable bake with steamed cauliflower.

2014-05-24 18.31.56
Just a small serve is plenty as the flavour from the sardines is very strong

The Sardines added an interesting saltiness to the dish and two tins of Sardines was enough to provide a lovely flavour. This bake was just as l imagined it to be and l will be making this again. If you are not a Sardine fan you could add a different meat such as a spiced chicken and that would be very nice.


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