Delicious scrambled eggs!

Eggs are so convenient and a great source of nutrition!

This meal can be prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you can vary the ingredients according to your taste preferences and what is availble in your fridge and pantry. This recipe is a good size for one person so just double it if making it for two people. It is very quick to prepare, nutritious and filling.

2013-09-16 07.50.12
Hearty and delicious

I would advise to prepare all of your ingredients before you start cooking the eggs and most of this could be done the night before if you are working and want to have this for breakfast.


Two eggs beaten

Grated carrot (one small)

Two brussel sprouts chopped

Handful of pumpkin seeds

A few pieces of kale or spinach roughly chopped

Wild Pink/Red Salmon. I used the canned version but fresh would be fantastic.

Ground black pepper

Sea Salt

Oil (I used organic coconut oil)

Toppings if desired are Kapai Puku seed mix and Chia


Melt the coconut oil on lowish heat until just melted. Put the brussel sprouts and pumpkin seeds in first until the brussel sprouts just soften and seeds are golden. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix. Cook until the eggs are just done. Serve on a plate and add seeds or seasonings as desired.


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