Paleo Cottage Pie

A comforting, tasty and highly nutritious Paleo dinner. Use the best quality ingredients to cook up a family favourite and add lots of colour by serving it with delicious baked vegetables and salad.

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Served here with roasted brussel sprouts and a gorgeous salad.

Step 1 is to make up a batch of caramelized beef and vegetable mince.You will have plenty left over to use with other meals, so it is very economical. This is a basic recipe and you can use different vegetables and whatever you have on hand. The cabbage is very important as it gives the dish a lovely flavour. (Click here for the recipe)

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The mince is cooked and this is the leftover that will go into the freezer for other meals.
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Place a generous layer of mince in a baking dish. I like a ceramic dish and there is no need to oil it or line with baking paper.


Ingredients and method:

2 medium sized red skinned sweet potato (washed and peeled)

1 medium sized beetroot (washed and peeled)

1 generous handful of chives gently sliced.

Pink rock salt and black pepper to season.

Dice the veggies and gently steam until soft. Place in a bowl and add a sprinkle of pink rock salt and black pepper. Add the chives and stir through.

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You can use red or orange sweet potato for the topping. You can trick the family into thinking this is regular potato.
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Place the mash on top of the dish and spread out evenly. It is ready to serve.
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A big salad and roasted brussel sprouts go brilliantly with this dish. Enough for a large family or a few nights. Leftovers for lunch or freeze it in batches.



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