2014-09-16 18.33.36
Beetroot, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Soup.

This section is a new addition to the website. I didn’t realise how often l made soup until l started posting the recipes. A lot of my soups are of the orange variety and l really need to branch out to other colours, but l do have a preference for soups based on pumpkin and sweet potato. My soups are quite plain so feel free to spice them up a bit and always try to use home-made stock (recipe in the main meals section) as this adds the loveliest flavour. Soups are so comforting and can be a snack or a meal. I love the smell of a soup cooking on the stove as it is very comforting. Soups can also be very hearty with the addition of meat or a broth, so nice and light.


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