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Recipes l have had success with!

Delicious scrambled eggs!

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This can be prepared for any meal of the day. I had it for breakfast today and it has sustained me for many hours. I would advise to prepare all of your ingredients as in the photo above, some of which could be done the night before if you are working. This recipe is a good size for one person so just double it if making it for two people. It is very quick to prepare, nutritious and filling.

Ingredients: Wild Pink Salmon, Spinach or Kale, Brussel sprouts, carrot, pumpkin seeds, eggs, ground black pepper, sea salt and organic coconut oil. The toppings are Kapai Puku seed mix, Chia seeds and a flax oil and organic apple cider vinegar dressing which l will put on the website. Check out the recipe section of the website for details on how to put it all together.


Chocolate Chip Cookies: Gluten, Dairy, processed sugar free and delicious!

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My favourite chocolate chip cookies! I have two each day straight from the freezer. I cook them up each

weekend so l never run out. The kids are starting to sneak them out of the freezer so l am having to make

them more often. Lucky they are healthy!

The main ingredients are almond meal, Raw organic chocolate, water, eggs, raw organic honey and several

flours which you can vary depending on what you have but l like buckwheat flour,

coconut flour and quinoa flour. The ones on the right have organic raw cacao added so double chocolate.

For a full list of ingredients visit the recipe section of the website.