A healthy Christmas lunch

2013-12-25 12.36.44 2013-12-25 12.36.21  2013-12-25 11.16.54

I was determined not to get sick from Christmas lunch this year so l kept it simple and healthy and it was really delicious. On the menu was a free range turkey which l roasted in the oven, roasted carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin and potatoes. This was accompanied by red quinoa tabouli, roast pumpkin hummus and a nice green salad. I made some stuffing for the turkey in a separate baking dish using a low gluten bread which the kids loved but l did not eat. For the dressing l made a healthy salad dressing (in the recipe section) and topped it all with Kapai Puku. I normally only drink filtered water but tried some sparkling mineral water which came in a glass bottle. This probably all sounds really boring to those of you who can eat what you like with minimal consequences, but last year l was sick for days after consuming some Lindt balls and too much fruit, so today’s lunch was a wonderful success as l feel great and the leftovers were delicious.


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