A healthy stir fry with lots of greens

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Chicken and assorted greens stir fry.

A stir fry can be a wonderful tasty, quick and healthy meal. The ingredients are cooked for a short time and therefore will retain their nutrients and flavour. I have used ingredients that are simple and natural as l find this supports healthy digestion and l try to have a light meal at night to encourage a good sleep.

This dish was created for my family in record time as there was  a lot going on. The key to its success was that l had the ingredients on hand and l cut up all of my ingredients before cooking started. I often use a variety of coloured vegetables in my stir fry dishes but decided that using a selection of fresh green vegetables would be a nice change from my usual additions.


2 free range chicken breasts

2 fresh garlic cloves

A small piece of fresh ginger

Tamari sauce

Fish sauce

Selection of fresh greens ( I used: the green part of two shallots, a bunch of broccolini, snow peas, beans and a variety of different kales and spinach picked fresh from my garden)


Wash all of the vegetables in filtered water to remove any chemicals or dirt and I also rinse the chicken breasts in filtered water. Chop and dice all of your ingredients and place them on a tray or in bowls next to your stove ready for cooking. This preparation is important as the cooking time for the stir fry is very quick. Place your wok or pan on the stove top and pour a small amount of extra virgin olive oil into the pan. When hot add the diced/sliced chicken breasts along with the crushed garlic and chopped ginger. The smell will be amazing! Keep cooking the chicken until nicely browned as the greens will only require a short time in the pan. Add all of the greens along with a few dashes of Tamari and Fish sauce depending on your personal preferences. Use your wooden spoon to mix the vegetables through the chicken and cook until the vegetables are just beginning to soften. Serve immediately by placing in individual bowls or place in one large bowl so people can serve themselves. This dish makes enough for approximately four adults.


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