Making good use of your oven

2014-01-22 13.13.412014-01-22 18.49.05 2014-01-22 18.58.27  2014-01-22 14.26.19

I do a lot of cooking and l try to be as resourceful as l can. Since l have stopped using the Microwave oven for anything other than heating a wheat bag, it is tempting to turn on the oven to heat up small things. I have had to be inventive and often use my griller, have the meals cold or heat the food in a steamer. Using the oven can be expensive and l like to have a cooking day where l keep it full for quite a few hours and cook lots of different types of dishes. Yesterday was one of those days where l roasted a chicken in the top half of the oven and had trays of chopped up beetroot and pumpkin on the lower trays. I used half of the roasted beetroot for a salad and the other half for beetroot hummus. The roasted pumpkin was also for the salad.

2014-01-22 19.41.13

As the oven was hot l also decided to whip up a double batch of my chocolate chip cookies. After some taste testing the remainder went into the freezer, ready to be placed into lunch boxes when needed. Cooking like this means l may only use the oven a couple of times a week.

2014-01-05 15.49.45

Last week after cooking a roast chicken l made some ginger bread men for my children, and a couple of apple and cinnamon cakes which l slice into single serves and freeze for the lunch box (all gluten free of course)

2014-01-03 20.20.07

In the past I used my oven to dehydrate the activated nuts but l found it was a real problem to have the oven out of action for any other cooking and l didn’t like to have the oven running all day. Now that l have a dehydrator the problem is solved as l can run the dehydrator on very low temperatures and use my oven as l please.

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