My favourite chocolate


Finding products that are healthy, minimally processed and taste good can be a challenge! One of these foods l think is chocolate as the market is flooded with so many choices and sweetened with a variety of products that the consumer can find confusing to understand the origins of. My dietician recommended the Loving Earth range of chocolate to me and over the past year l have tried many of the different flavours and find that a couple of small squares every day or so supports my well being and keeps the chocolate cravings well managed.

chocolate bulk chocolate duo mint chocolate

At the moment l am enjoying a block of the Organic Raw Dark Chocolate.

raw chocolate

How is this chocolate different to the varieties found in the supermarket?

The Organic Raw Dark Chocolate pictured above is a raw chocolate and it has only two ingredients which are 72% minimum organic raw cacao and organic evaporated coconut nectar. They are the only ingredients in the chocolate and the taste is rich and amazing. This chocolate is also Australian owned and made in the Factory located in Melbourne. I have found a few health food stores in my area who sell the range such as the Cheltenham Organic Store, Melbourne or Raw on Rye but you need to watch out as some other businesses l have been to charge quite high prices and l think around $6-$7  is a good price to pay for the 100g block. I also buy this range online from places like Bulk wholefoods on the Mornington Peninsula which is one of my favourite suppliers. If you buy the chocolate online try to do it in weather that isn’t too hot as sometimes my blocks have arrived slightly soft, or some businesses offer a cool pack as an extra charge to help keep the chocolate cool.

This is not the type of chocolate that you can sit down on the couch with and eat the whole block as it is so rich that you will probably feel sick. One or two pieces is a real taste sensation. The mylk chocolate variety is really nice and my other favourite is the dark chocolate with orange and gubinge. I am sure there are other brands for sale in the raw organic field that are wonderful but this is a recommendation for this brand based on a lot of taste testing by myself. I also use these blocks in my cooking such as the chocolate chip cookies in the recipe section of this website and it is fantastic to cook with.

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