Chocolate mousse extreme!

   Oh, what a decadent treat this is! Except it is made from all healthy ingredients!

2014-07-03 07.46.49
Strawberries and chocolate. What a combination!

This mouse will last a few days and is better after it has set, although a taste as soon as it is made is definitely advised as it is so delicious! This recipe is taken from the latest edition of ‘Wellbeing’ magazine but mine looks a lot darker and richer probably because l added a bit more raw cacao.

In the top picture l used the mousse to top a chocolate tart (see recipe in dessert section) and added in a chocolate ball also (see recipe section). The strawberries add so much colour to the dish and l topped it all with some finely sliced Loving Earth Organic Raw Chocolate.

2014-07-04 08.48.01
Chocolate and berry pancake.

In this picture l added the mousse to my morning berry pancake which was made using Buckwheat & Coconut flours, eggs, water, chia seeds and berries.

The ingredients for the Mousse are:

2 ripe avocados, peeled and stone removed

40g raw organic cacao powder (I used a generous tablespoon as l couldn’t wait to measure it)

2 tablespoons raw organic honey

85g medjool dates, pitted & soaked in warm water for 20 minutes, then drained (I couldn’t wait the 20 minutes as l was desperate to taste the mousse, so l just used the pitted dates without soaking and draining).

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 vanilla pod, split lengthways & seeds scraped (I used organic vanilla essence-1/2 a teaspoon)

Combine all of the ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. That’s it. Now taste test!

2014-07-02 16.54.36
Pure chocolate mousse!

I have called this chocolate mousse extreme because for me this is an extreme taste sensation and indulgence. Living with food intolerances, sensitivities and a limited diet is a daily challenge and a dish like this can brighten up my whole world.

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